Super bowl!

We went to some friend's last night for the Super Bowl. I watched approximately 15 seconds of football, and otherwise just held a baby, chatted, listened, and that kind of thing. Because football is really, really boring.

Anyway, the boys were up a little bit later than usual. Maybe 1 hour later. Which isn't that much.

I paid for it this morning. Oh man, did I pay.

The boys woke up early, I'm sure because big brother was being loud. I held up two cereals and asked C which one he wanted. Y said which one he wanted, and I told him OK, but I am getting C his breakfast right now and I will get yours in a minute. Y yelled "NO! Ugh!" at me. It was really ugly, hard to convey in words but he was being very rude. So I asked him to go to his room until he could talk to me in a nicer voice.

And he went in his room and screamed for...I don't know, 30 minutes. Screams were punctuated by him yelling "I'm tired! I'm tired!" Then I went to check on him, and he was stark naked. He had peed his pants on purpose (he just went right before he went to his room), and took off all his clothes and told me he was going to poop on the floor. I told him "Oh no you're not!" and pointed him to the bathroom. Then once he was done I told him to go in his room and get dressed. Then of course the baby got here, and I was talking to her foster mom and Y came out of his room stark naked again. The baby's FM was a little horrified I think, but she took it all in stride. :)

So anyway, I put a diaper on Y and told him he needed to take a nap. And, after screaming for about 30 more minutes, he took a good 1 hour long morning nap. He hasn't had one of those in ages!

Once he woke up he was all sunshine and rainbows, a completely different child. He hugged M when she was crying (nearly knocking her over in the process, but 2 year old's aren't exactly known for their coordination). It was very sweet. He told me he was still tired when we were on the way to preschool, so I'm hoping he'll take at least a short afternoon nap and then tonight he will be a peach and sleep well again. Is that too much to hope for? I'm thinking maybe it is. Oh well. :)

In other news, bio mom texted me on Friday asking what shoe sizes the boys wear and if they need anything. She has never, ever asked me if they need anything before. I thought it was really strange. The visit Saturday was cancelled because there was a foot of snow on the ground, and bio mom texted me and said she was upset because she wanted to take the boys shopping and buy stuff for them at the visit! I'm not sure what's going on with her, if she came into some money and it's burning a hole in her pocket or she's feeling bad for her behavior lately or what.

Also I got a call...Friday? I can't remember. Anyway, it was our agency worker wondering if we were willing to consider adopting Miss M, if reunification did not occur and if her FM decided that she wasn't able to. I said yes. :) We have talked about it before and agreed that we would do that, especially now that Miss M is not a baby anymore. Not that I have anything against babies, just not sure if I could handle the up-all-night thing with everything else I have going on right now.

My sister and my brother each have a little girl that is within 6 months of Miss M, so that would be pretty fun. We would need a bigger house, I think, in order for us to not all drive each other insane. But that is all down the road and of course we will just have to wait and see what happens. I would love, love, love to have a little girl and I would especially love it if we could keep all the kids together. But even if her FM adopts her, I know we will still be like family because we have such a great relationship now. So either way I know it would be good. :)

Thursday our CW is meeting with the judge and the rest of the team on this case to talk about where things are going. At least, I think that's what's going to happen. I am not invited but hopefully she will tell me what they decide, if they can even decide anything. Here's hoping!

Also, I am up to 49 followers. One more and I'll have 50! That is utterly crazy to me. I expect that if I am ever able to post pictures of the boys that number will skyrocket, because they are so adorable everyone will want to see them. :)

Edited to add: Saturday I sent Y to his room because he was throwing a fit. After a while he got quiet so I went back to tell him that he could come out since he was feeling better...and he was sitting on top of his dresser, nonchalantly putting his shoes on. He barely even glanced at me as I walked in the room, as though he was doing absolutely nothing wrong. That child is going to make me gray before my time!! :p


  1. HAve they asked you about adopting the boys too?
    And I pay too if Sam doesn't sleep til her cup is "full". You are so lucky that a) they tell you that they are tired and b) they will actually nap to catch up on sleep!

    1. Yes they have. They actually asked us before the boys were even placed with us. And we said we would definitely be open to it even though we hadn't even met them. :) And now we would love to do it if it comes to that.

  2. Haha....I know if X is quiet I better run and see what he is doing because is usually means he's in a lot of trouble.
    How come you are not invited to the meeting? I go to all of our meetings! I can't imagine what reason they would have for not inviting you!

    1. I think it's for drug court...I'm not invited to those, I'm not really sure why. I don't know anybody else that has had a case in drug court so I'm not sure if foster parents are ever allowed to go or not. The whole thing is kind of like this big mystery. ha!

  3. With claiming foster kids the only thing you have to be prepared that the boys' bio mom might claim them on her tax return. Obviously that is tax fraud since you have had them, but it may cause your refund to be held up while they are figuring out the kinks.


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