My husband was talking to his dad the other day, letting him know a little bit about what is going on in the case. DH told DIL that the permanency plan was probably being changed to adoption. DIL said "Oh, so then you guys would just take care of them until somebody wants to adopt them?" DH said "Maybe you didn't understand....WE would adopt them."

DIL's response? "...Oh."

My husband and I had some good laughs about that! I wonder if DIL just never thought that we would adopt, or something. It is for sure going to change both of our family trees!

CW sent me an email asking if we would be willing to adopt the boys. She also said she knows it's a big decision, and that it's OK if we don't have an answer. I thought it was kind of funny. I mean, they've been living with us for 20 months...don't you think we would have maybe thought about that? Especially since in the FIRST conversation I had about the boys with our previous CW, we were asked if we would consider adoption?

So of course I told her YES, and also that we are willing to adopt Miss M too if her FM decides not to. Which I think basically she HAS decided not to, but I will give her the grace to change her mind if she wants to. I can't imagine how hard of a decision it would be to decide to not adopt a child that you brought home from the hospital and nurtured and cared for for 16+ months. I won't blame her if she decides that she does want to adopt Miss M!

The guys are STILL working on our house. It looks so different, seriously. It's amazing. Unfortunately, I anticipated this taking 2 days, leaving me all day today to get everything picked up and organized and cleaned (oh, the cleaning!) before our CW, the boys' GAL, and our agency worker all come over tonight. Well...I was wrong! They are still here! I asked them if they could be out of the house by 5:00 and they said yes. So, um, hopefully it won't be too messy, because all those people, plus M's foster mom, are also arriving at 5:00. And I am arriving home with the kiddos (all 4 of them!) at about 4:50. So...let's see. 4 kids, 6 adults, one possibly very messy, smallish house. Sounds like fun, right? Or not! Eek!

Oh and on another note, our agency worker came to look at our home for amending our license to 4 kids in case Miss M comes here. I showed her our newly finished basement...and she said that technically, foster kids are not supposed to be in the basement at all because it doesn't have two exits. I mean there are windows, but they aren't large enough to be considered fire escapes. So that is unfortunate, to say the least. Honestly any of the kids and me as well, and probably my husband could fit through the windows that we have downstairs. Oh well I guess. And I also had to buy a locking safe for medicines. Those things aren't cheap! I spent $50 and bought the smallest one that I thought would still be big enough to hold everything. I will be kind of glad when our days of having to worry about foster-parent licensing are over!


  1. We have to get a locking med. box too. Where did you get yours? I did see some on line at the Container Store for about $20.

    1. We got ours at Wal-Mart. I didn't have time to go price-shopping so I just had to take what I could get. They had some that were about 1/2 the size that were I think $30, but I wasn't sure if they would be big enough.


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