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I can't remember if I've talked about this yet, but I have started a journal going back and forth with the boys mom. I send it with them when they go to visit her, and she writes in it and sends it back with them.

Most recently, she wrote in it (on Saturday) "The two little boys had runny noses on their visit." It made me laugh so HARD! Really? They had runny noses? I wasn't aware...it's just that I've been so busy wiping their noses every thirty minutes for the last three days, I just didn't realize they were runny! Oh, wait... She also said "D is not to have coffee anymore. I don't agree with that." It just gets under my skin...first of all it's not her decision because she has no rights right now...second of all, she could have asked nicer. Maybe I'm just reading into it a little too much. Personally I am willing to accommodate her request and it's not that big of a deal. But geesh, some politeness would be appreciated!

She also canceled their visit today. I am trying to keep my hopes up that it was for a good reason...like maybe she had a job interview or something that is really important. Or maybe she broke her leg, or, you know...something else serious. I'll be interested to see what happens tomorrow.

It makes me super sad for these kids. And it is honestly frustrating. I am devoting my life to taking care of them, feeding and clothing them, comforting them when they are crying, teaching them things...and she does not even say thank you or ask about what we do during the day, or anything. She can't even make visits on a regular basis. She didn't notice that Y had a temperature when he was over there the other day. She hasn't said anything about the bumps that C has on his legs (which are apparently old bug bites according to the Dr., but I was worried about them!). I just can not even imagine how anybody can be like this towards her kids.

C has started talking a lot more. I have been getting onto him about pointing and grunting - he knows how to talk, he needs to use his words! He likes to copy off of Y for some reason, which means babbling and that sort of thing because Y can not talk yet. But anyway, today C said the longest sentence I have heard him say - "I want more apple". I was so proud! I have also been encouraging him to talk when he needs help instead of saying "Uh uh uh!" in that I'm-about-to-cry tone. So he has been saying "Need help", which is good I think. He has also started saying "please" and "thank you" though he still usually needs prompting for "please". I really don't know how well he is doing compared to other kids his age with his language, but I'm just encouraging him to keep talking. He was born 3 months early so technically he is really 2 years and 1 month old based on conception date. I am working on him with colors and animals too. I don't know if he gets the colors thing or not, but he is getting some of his animals.

Today he was dragging one of the dogs' leashes around and saying "come on puppy!". The leash was not attached to any dog, but Penny was following him around. She is such a good, good girl. The other day she was laying under the table and Y had one of his blocks and pressed it up against her face and she just laid there and let him do it. Of course I stopped him as soon as I saw it; I really don't want her to think the kids are there to torture her and I don't want them to think that's OK. But it is really nice to have a dog with such a high tolerance for this sort of stuff. She is such a good girl. :)


  1. Oh Brynn!!! You sound like we did when we got our first 2 last january! The mom was totally into herself, the little girl was starving for her attentnion and the little boy didn't talk hardley at all. She also demanded that we start potty training him b/c she is tired of changing diapers on her occasional visit! I came unglued on the social worker! My husband had to calm me down alot! Your journal entries are not only theraputic for you but they are also very helpful when it comes time to go to court. And you get to see from your entries the progress they are making and it will make you feel good. I am glad you and Brian decided to do this b/c he teaches you, not only about parenting, but you see the worst of life for some kids and you grow stronger as a couple :) They enter you lives so quietly but leave lots of footprints on you heart! keep blogging, I like to read your take on it. (nicky blank)


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