Not me Monday

This week I...

...Did NOT ignore D's request to give him one of the backs to my earrings so that he could start wearing his earring (which currently has no back). No, as I have previously said, I believe it is very important for children to be able to express themselves through the clothes that they wear and the accessories they choose.

...Did not frustratedly tell our 13 month old to "Get a life!" when he reached for me asking me to pick him up for the millionth time in the past few days. No I am much more compassionate and patient than that. I love it when he cries every time I walk out of his sight for 30 seconds or clings to me when I try to put him down to accomplish something.

...Did not tell my 2 year old tantrum thrower "You need to stop crying!" multiple times over the past few days. Oh no, I am much more patient than that, as I have previously stated.

...Did not laugh even once when said 2 year old tantrum thrower became a total drama queen when he accidentally bumps his arm, head, or any other body part. No I did not look at him and say sarcastically "Are you OK?" and smile when he immediately stops crying and says "Yeah" and goes back to playing. Oh no, not me.

...Did not become embittered in my heart when the boys' mom canceled her visit yesterday, thus bringing an early end to our first day of respite. Oh no, I love every moment that I spend with these children and I never need a break. Ever. I also never need to make plans in advance or need to know what is going on.

...Did not take the last soda out of the fridge, knowing full well it was the last one. No, I am much more thoughtful of the other soda drinkers in the house than that!

...Did not come downstairs expecting to begin doing some work for our business while the boys are at their visit, only to end up blogging. No, not me. I need to be as efficient as possible and I have absolutely no time to waste.

...Did not re-arrange and organize our 11-year-old's room while he was at respite. No, I know it is important for children to express themselves through their room and to be able to arrange it or leave it as messy as they want. I did not mind at all that his entire closet was EMPTY while all of his crap was scattered throughout the room on the floor. No no, that's the way he wanted it so that is the way it stayed.

So as you all can see, I am the perfect foster mother. :) You should take notes. Really. ;)


  1. ROFL! I'll take a page out of your book any day. Taking notes!


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