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I decided that I am going to attempt to wean Y from going to bed with a bottle. Apparently that is what he is used to and I haven't had the heart to break him of it yet. He uses his empty bottle like a pacifier in the night, finding it and sucking on it. Last night our dear friend Bryan came over and put our crib together, so now instead of the pack-n-play (which apparently Y has slept in for quite a while) he has a "real" crib. I figured that maybe with the change it was a good time to change some other things too. So last night he went down sans bottle and stayed down...except when C fell out of his bed and screamed, and the whole house woke up. Currently he is trying to fall asleep for a nap..sans bottle...and crying. And sadly I cannot find our pacifiers. Oh, the horror. Those dang things get lost so easily. We only had 2 to begin with so I guess it could be worse. Those two lasted us a month, that's not too bad...right?

I have realized how important it is to watch what I say around C. That kid is a parrot! A few days ago he was holding a bear like a baby. He gave it kisses and said "I love you!" which is what I do to him when we are being silly. The next thing he said? "Be right back!" I laughed out loud! I am always saying "Be right back!" because many times either one or both of the boys will cry when I leave the room. I just have to go run and start the laundry, or throw a diaper in the trash, or get a drink, or whatever, and I want them to know I'm not leaving. Apparently I say it entirely too much. :) He has also started saying "Bye, see you Monday!" No idea where he heard that...maybe on a TV show at his mom's or something? Or maybe one of the visitation workers said that to him when he dropped him off?

I am thinking bottle-less morning nap is not going to happen today. Bummer!


  1. I hadn't read your blog for a few weeks. Sounds like you are processing things pretty well, and since you haven't collapsed, you must be dealing well with the physical demands. You are doing a good thing and I hope you can do what is best for D, C, and Y (or whatever letters they are) without losing yourself. Do some fun things for yourself when you can and I'm glad you have the morning off tomorrow.

  2. To help us to keep from losing Teague's pacifier (which is an huge sleep cue for him), we leave it in his crib. It doesn't come out because it's only for sleep time so we leave it in with his blankie. It's helped a TON!

    Also, good job for breaking the bottle-in-bed habit. Not good for the lil' guy's teeth!


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