I am very, very tired of 2-year-old tantrums. Tantrums over not being able to play with the lap top, tantrums over having to change a diaper or a shirt, tantrums over having to wait 5 minutes for dinner, tantrums over not being able to ride the bike right at this very moment, tantrums over EVERYTHING. I bet I took C to his room 20 times today for having tantrums. I am not even exaggerating. He had three tantrums at Y's one-year check up alone. It was a bad day today. Apparently at his mom's house on their visit today he actually threw his pizza on the floor. He LOVES pizza. He must've been having a hard time there too.

So anyway, I get why parents give in. It wears you down, man! Back and forth, back and forth, saying the same dang thing over and over again. Plus I have some self-doubt...I mean, maybe he can't understand everything I'm trying to tell him. But then I think hey, we've done this 20 times today....surely he MUST get it by now. I think once D goes to bed at 9:30 I will be following shortly afterwards. To my own bed, of course. Ha. :)

Speaking of Y's one year check up (which is actually more like a 13-month check up): He is 30 inches long and weighs 20 lbs exactly. Apparently he is in the 7th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height. The doc said that was pretty much on track with where he has been so that is good I guess. He said he has been gaining weight well in the last month that he's been with us so that's good. He had to get 5 immunizations today. I don't really get to make medical decisions such as the immunization thing, so I didn't even ask what ones he got. He has to go back in 2 months for even more. He did SO good with the first two shots, he just looked at the nurses like "What the heck?" And then he started wailing for the last 3, but once I was holding him he quieted down really quickly. He's a little tough guy. :) He got a fever tonight (103 via the bum) but I guess that's normal.

Also, he is not circumcised yet because of something with his pee hole (it's not in the right place or something?), but his mom wants to get him circumcised. So he has an appointment with a urologist in August to get checked out and then we will make an appointment to have him circumcised. Really not looking forward to that at ALL. I don't know if she even knows (or cares) that it doesn't have to be done. I was reading that something like only 60% of kids these days are actually getting circumcised. But again, not my call. Kind of crappy and strange. I asked the mom if she wanted to go to the appointment today and she never responded so I took that as a no. She does want to go to the circumcision though, and I am definitely going too (since I will need to know about after care, any medicines, what to expect, etc.). So...that might be kind of weird for her but I mean really I am with him WAY more than she is and I would like to hear everything first hand.

D told me that at school he had to watch a video about sex and stuff and they said if you don't get circumcised you get all kinds of diseases and stuff. But from what I read that is not true at all. I think if I had my own kids I probably wouldn't do it if it was up to only me. But ANYway.

Just a little tidbit for your enjoyment - Yesterday while Brian and I were giving the boys baths, I took C's diaper off and set him on the floor and was taking Y's off. C proceeded to start peeing and it was like a 6-foot stream. He totally peed on the chair from across the room. And he just looked around like he had no idea what was going on. Hilarious! Boys and their pee, I tell you what!


  1. You already know where we stand on circumcision - I don't need to beat a dead horse. But the words "medically-un-necessary" come to mind readily, as do the words "elective surgery". This is, of course, assuming that such a procedure has not been prescribed by Y's pediatrician to treat some urethral anomaly he may have been born with.

    p.s. because Y was not Circ.'d at birth before he left the hospital, his circ. may not be covered by his mother's medicaid package. At his age it is now considered "elective" instead of "routine".

  2. That is a good point that the procedure may not be covered by Medicaid. He has his own Medicaid card since he is a ward of the state, but I will double check about the coverage. I am certainly not going to pay for the procedure and I'm just guessing that his mom can't either, so if she can't afford it and insurance doesn't cover it, then it ain't happening!


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