Phrases that I never thought I'd say

"C, are you pooping? Do NOT poop in the bathtub!" is said on an almost nightly basis. Two nights ago, this was followed by "Aaaannndddd...yes, he did poop in the bathtub. Dang." Something about the bathtub just makes him want to poop, I think!

"Do NOT put your hands in your diaper!"

(said by my husband, after he paid D $1 to change C's poopy diaper) "Um, does C have poop on his hands? They smell like poop! Go wash his hands. That's part of your $1."

"Your MOM!" as a stupid insult to our oldest foster son (he thinks it's hilarious).

Conversations that go like this:
"I Hungeeeeeee"
"Okay, let's get in your chair and we'll have a snack"
"I want pizzaaaaaaaaa"
"Sorry, we don't have any pizza! Do you want-"
"WAAAAAHHHHH" ensuing temper tantrum

While reading a book to C:
"Follow the yellow, the red and the blue,
follow the old..." "I poo poo!"
"Oh, you went poo poo?"
(notice that it rhymes!)

That's all I can think of for now. I think the pizza conversation is one of the funniest things that has happened here to date! But poop....poop is just pretty funny, in general. And yes I realize that is quite childish of me to say so. :)


  1. FYI - poop in the tub is affectionately known as "brown trout" in our home. Get'cher fishin' pole!


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