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Do kids ever learn to start liking naps? I personally LOVE naps. I mean you'd think that when they sleep for TWO HOURS at nap time they would realize hey, this is good for me, I should probably stop screeching and just close my little eyes and go to sleep. Okay that might be expecting a bit much from a 2 year old. :)

Y randomly woke up last night at something like 5:45, crying for who knows what reason. I went in there and got him, and C was all "I want to get up!" and I told him no (he normally doesn't get up until 7, sometimes even as late as 8!). So he started screaming. Then I went to make Y a bottle to put him back to bed and C started screaming even more! I got back in there and said "You need to obey me and go back to bed! It's too early to get up!" and he did. Ha ha ha ha ha! Kids are so hilarious. It really makes me wish we had a four bedroom house so they could all have their own room. Meh!

Today has not been a bad day for tantrums. However the boys' visit went like 1/2 hour longer than usual, which means they did not get home until about 1:20...which is right in the middle of nap time. So they both came home and were actually asleep in the car, then had to get woken up and put back to bed. And now they are both awake, and it is almost 2. I can hear Y mumbling to himself and C is in the other bedroom being a dork and playing with his covers and stuff. DANG. I was hoping to go see a Special Olympics soccer game with them today at 3 but I'm kind of doubting they will be up by then. C is a bear when he gets woken up from his naps. He wants to be held for like an hour after he wakes up which is basically impossible when you have other kids to take care of. Flustrating!

And now Y is crying. Crapola. I wish they could just have one or two long visits during the week instead of 5 short ones. :(


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