The weekend

Miss M spent the night with us this weekend. I'm not gonna lie, we had some rough moments! She did NOT want to go to bed on Saturday. She kept throwing her pacifier out of her crib and then screaming. She is, erm, a little strong-willed. I got her pacifier for her a few times. As soon as either of us opened the door she immediately stopped crying. She finally fell asleep at about 10:00 p.m. after the final pacifier returning and me rubbing her back for a few minutes. Needless to say, on Sunday everyone was pretty tired. She took a three hour nap on Sunday and we finally woke her up because it was 4:30 and we wanted her to be able to sleep that night! She went to bed without one single peep on Sunday night though and slept a solid 11 hours.

She is so much different than Y was at her age. He was mister laid back, for the most part. She knows sign language for "please" and several other things. But when she says "Milk" and I ask her to say please (that's how we roll around here, with politeness) she refuses. So then I just don't give it to her. She doesn't seem to care. And yesterday at breakfast time I was putting her in her chair and she grabbed something off the table and threw it on the floor on purpose. I asked her to pick it up, she said "no!" and threw herself on the ground in a tantrum. So I told her she was welcome to have breakfast after she picked it up, and after a minute or two she did.

She has tantrums a fair amount. I feel like she's just testing us to see what she can get away with. And I want to stay firm and consistent with her because I feel like this is something that could escalate and we could have another C-monster on our hands in 6 months if we don't handle this well. Also FYI, we use the term C-Monster with the most love. Not because we actually think he is a monster. Because he's not. Monster is a term of endearment around here. :)

Anyway, overall it was a good weekend, other than the late night on Saturday night. We tried to incorporate her routine as much as we could. I really want to wean her off the pacifier. I think Y was about that same age when we did for him too. But I might just wait until she is completely transitioned here and settled for a few weeks/months. Definitely before she is two it will be gone though, but that's not for 5 more months. I rue the day we take her pacifier away. Yikes!

I have been an organizing fool. Our house is a mess, and I mean a MESS. At least in the basement. And in the garage. Our ultimate goal is to be able to park a vehicle in the garage again (we only have a one-car garage, which right now is more like a seven-bike garage). Yesterday I disassembled a giant shelving unit that the last owner presumably built with all kinds of random wood scraps. I used some of the shelves and installed some new shelving brackets in the basement. Not sure what I will do with the rest of the wood. Sometimes it's nice to just have some scraps around in case you need to build or fix something! Also I installed a rod in our new laundry room so we can hang things to dry that don't go in the dryer. I'm pretty excited about having an actual place to hang things instead of just a bunch of random nails nailed into studs. :)

Today I'm going to try to disassemble this giant closet that is in the garage. It is just designed very poorly and I think we can make better use of the space if it is just open. So, that will be fun. The person that built all this stuff used nails, which are a bugger to get out. It would have been way easier if they had just used screws. Oh well! Then I'm going to get a bunch more brackets, hopefully use the scrap plywood from the closet to install some more shelves in the basement and just get really really organized.

Haven't heard anything from the caseworker or anybody. Apparently bio mom's attorney's dad passed away this past week so that might be why we haven't heard anything about the contact agreement. I just keep reassuring myself that the TPR trial is in 3 weeks so hopefully in 3 weeks this will be over, in one way or the other. Of course there are still appeals, but I'm just trying to take one step at a time.


  1. I hope you get some concrete news soon about the contact agreement.

    As far as your little Miss M goes. I am nodding knowingly. Stay strong Momma!


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