In trouble

In the past week, the kids have been getting in trouble. I swear, they are using all the creative juices in their brains to find new ways to do horrifying and hilarious things.

We have several areas in our home where the drywall has been patched but not painted. So lots of it is covered by that dusty white stuff. The other day I caught Y LICKING it. I asked him to stop, turned around, and he was doing it again. In fact, a patch of it was soggy because he had licked it so much. Are you serious, guy? Does it really taste that good???

Then yesterday C was going to the bathroom, and it was taking forever. Finally I asked him to just be done. He said "There's poop on my butt!" and I said "Uh, you just said you didn't go to the bathroom." "Oh" SO I went down to help him, only to find him standing up and a giant brown spot on the rug. "If you have poop on your butt then don't get off the potty until your butt gets wiped! Look at the poop on the floor!" "That's not poop." "Well then what is it?" "It came out of my mouth." Yeah, it was a giant brown LOOGIE that he decided to spit on the rug for no apparent reason, other than possibly boredom.

Aaanndd then yesterday, also during poop time, I decided to give the little kids hair cuts. Only my clippers are in the bathroom, and C had shut the door and locked it. This is the same child that will cry if you shut the door while he is in the bathroom, so it was highly suspect. I asked him to get off the potty and unlock the door. "I can't!" "Just do what you did when you locked it." "I don't know how!" It's one of those ones where you twist the lock, so him saying he couldn't do it was a possibility, at least in my mind. So I got my husband to unlock the door, and we opened it only to find him still sitting on the potty. "I thought you got up to unlock the door??!!" "....Oh."

You just have to laugh to keep from crying. :)

We had a good weekend with M. The judge has signed the papers for her placement here but apparently there is something else that still needs to be done, but I'm not sure what. I feel like things are going really well. Sadly, seconds before she left last night Y was trying to get a toy out of the toybox and the toy basically clocked Miss M right in the eye, and she had a couple small cuts. Thankfully her foster mom took it in stride and said it is probably the first of many shiners she'll have, since she has 3 big brothers! :)

So that's the latest I guess..not much exciting going on. :)


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