Since my last post was rather blah, thought I'd say some funny things that have been happening.

Our basement bathroom is sort of finished now, and I decided that D should have the responsibility of cleaning it. He is no longer walking the dogs, so his chores each day take about 10 minutes. He's 13, I think it's OK for him to have a little more responsibility!

When I told him that that would be one of his Saturday chores each week, he immediately said "Why? The upstairs bathroom doesn't get cleaned that often!" My response was "Hmmmm...well, feel free to clean that bathroom too!" :) :) :) (what I did not say was "You're welcome for me cleaning the bathroom for you for the past two years you ungrateful little....!!!!!")

Last night I was cutting strawberries (story of my life lately, by the way). C announced from the living room that I needed to come get my makeup on. Befuddled, I asked him why (I wear makeup maybe once a week, sometimes not even then). He said "Because we are going to the ballet! And there is going to be a swimming pool there." So he "put makeup" on me (using a sand box mold to dip a maraca in, then gently rubbing the maraca all over my face). Then we all proceeded to the ballet, which took place in the hallway. Me, C and Y were actually IN the ballet, so we did some dancing though I must say it was a little cramped, we need a bigger stage! C said that Miss M was supposed to watch, and she obligingly sat down and was a very attentive audience. The highlight of my day yesterday, to be sure! :)


  1. You went to the ballet and didn't tell me!


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