Farmer me!

OK I'm not really a farmer. But I guess I got the job! Grandma Farmer is going to hire a man to do the more manly type jobs. She seemed impressed with what I accomplished today (what can I say, I'm a hard worker!). I was paid in farm fresh eggs and some cashola. I got to pet some very pregnant goats, and hopefully next week when I go I will get to spend at least a moment or two cuddling a baby goat. Baaaaaahhhhhh! Also she has chickens (which I am kind of afraid of, I'm not gonna lie), a llama, and some horses. And a giant garden. Ok, maybe more like 15 different gardens. It's awesome. I was telling D about it today and he was acting like he was really excited, but then he just started laughing because he was making fun of me because I was so excited! Some people's kids. ;)

She said I can bring the kids sometime to see the baby goats and all that so I think that would be amazingly fun. :)

While chatting with Grandma (no I don't really call her Grandma, but I will on here!) she suggested guardianship for D as opposed to adoption. They adopted 2 teenagers out of foster care that ended up making some very very poor choices in their late teens, which almost caused Grandma and her husband to declare bankruptcy! Guardians cannot be held personally liable for the actions of the people they are guardians over.

Now, I'm not so concerned about the financial aspects. But that did get the wheels turning - would D be more open to a guardianship? What would HE think about it, and if we gave him the option of us being guardians instead of "parents" then would he be more willing to embrace our role? Of course the entire thing could backfire too, I can think of about 100 different ways this could go.

So all that to say, we are looking into it as a possibility. If our CW is open to it, we will research it and see if it is something we would like to do, then if we do think we'd like to do it then we can ask D if he would rather be adopted or guarded. Ha. It would at least give him a small choice over his life but might make him feel a lot better about his situation. And the nice thing is if he ever decided he wanted to be adopted then there is no reason we couldn't just go ahead and do that. He is still talking about going and living with his "godmother" which the CW and GAL have both said basically no way in heck is that going to happen. I'm not sure he really understands that yet and it makes me a little sad.

I just wish I could get in his brain, just a little, and see what he is really thinking rather than just what he is showing to us.

In other news, bio mom started the visit on Monday 45 minutes late, and ended the visit yesterday 2.5 hours early. Then Saturday she is going to only have D go to the visit so they can do something for his birthday. All of this seems crazy to me because, hello, these might be the last few visits she gets to have with her kids for a long time or maybe EVER. No relinquishment yet and I have heard nothing from her regarding our contact agreement offer.


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