News. Or not.

Bio mom bailed on relinquishing today. Her atty requested an extension for the TPR hearing, so it will now be held the last week of June. However, since she already said she was having the last visit, there are no more visits with her and she cannot go back on that (yay). Not sure what the full story is on the extension request, I think she wants to get D moved to his "godmother" and she is afraid she won't have any control once she relinquishes. Which is true. Bio dad still has visits (2 hours per week), but the CW said that if the kids don't want to go then I don't have to make them (YAY!). Y was a complete mess yesterday and did NOT want to go on the visit but I had to make him. I hate that. Nice to know I don't have to do that again.

That's the main news I guess. Thought I'd update you if any of you are sitting on the edge of your seat or anything like that. :) More waiting. But that is the story of our lives.


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