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Our CW and agency worker came over yesterday to have a chat with me about our contact agreement. CW said it was the most GENEROUS one she has ever seen. Apparently, bio mom's attorney is requesting a meeting with everyone to discuss this. Let me just say, I am NOT INTERESTED. Not interested in hearing anymore of what all these people have to say or any additional pressure on us to give more than we already are giving. None of these attorneys or even the caseworker or anybody has to deal with this for the next 18 years. Guess who does? Us! And the kids! And the bio mom! That's it!

While CW and our agency worker were here there were also guys down in the basement laying a tile floor in the bathroom which is currently being remodeled. And of course the phone rang, and I figured I should answer it since the kids were on a visit, in case anything weird was happening. But guess who it was? Bio mom's attorney, inviting me to the meeting. I politely declined, and told her we had offered all we were willing to offer and we are not willing for any 3rd party visitation supervision and we are also not willing to offer any additional visits. Period. She was nice about it but I'm expecting a nasty text or email form bio mom at any moment. Hence I am screening my calls and not answering them unless I know for sure who it is. :)

So if the meeting is going to happen, CW is going to go on our behalf and just say take it or leave it.

Then also while we were all chatting, a police officer pulled up to the house. Nice, right? Nothing like having your caseworker there in your living room while a cop rings the doorbell. Our neighbors called the cops on us because there was a car (not ours) parked poorly. So instead of picking up the phone to give us a call to see if it was ours and ask us to move it, they just called the police. Nice, right? So for anyone wondering why we want to move, there you have it! The police man was very nice and seemed irritated at our neighbors. Not like he had anything more important to do like, you know, FIGHT CRIME or anything. Sheesh.

So I guess bio mom is supposed to relinquish on Monday????? Next week two of the visits will be not happening, then the week after only a visit on Saturday. At least, I think. I am a little bit muddled right now because it seems like so much is going on! If she doesn't relinquish then the trial is in two short weeks. The CW confirmed that if it does go to trial, once the rights are terminated visits will stop. And if she appeals, no visits will happen during the appeal process. So that is kind of exciting.

We are now licensed for 4 kids so Miss M can officially move here as soon as a judge signs off!

In completely unrelated news, I'm working on getting D enrolled in our school district for next year.

And in other really awesome news: I am a purchaser from our state food coop, and producers send emails about new products etc. Well I got an group email yesterday from a lady on an organic farm that had surgery and is looking for some very part time (4 to 8 hours a week) help around the farm, and she could pay in money or in organic produce. I jumped at it and emailed her. I have no farm experience but I do keep a small garden. And I can't, like, rope a steer or anything but I offered her my services thinking that maybe it would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about gardening and how the farm is run. And who wouldn't want to get paid in farm-fresh organic eggs??? I mean, really! Talk about a great opportunity. Plus the name of her farm is Grandma Farmer's, and she used to be a foster parent! And she knits! Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Like, in 40 years I could BE her.

So anyway, tomorrow I have a working interview on the farm! I am thrilled. Seriously. I don't even care about the money and stuff, though the produce and such will be nice. Just the experience and all that, this is really a great opportunity for me.

Now, I am off to embark on the Great Toy Organization and Purge of 2012. Wish me luck! :)


  1. I'm laughing at the thought of you roping steer. What an exciting opportunity! You'll have to let me know if you learn any new gardening tricks.
    Hopefully bio mom will relinquish so you don't have to go through a trial that drags out for who knows how long. I would think she would relinquish since if she is terminated she would lose custody of any future children.
    We'll be praying

  2. You already ARE grandma farmer. You're just not a grandma yet.


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