Nothing much

That's pretty much what has been going on lately.

I'm spending more time working with my husband. Work overall is picking up (YAY!) which is a blessing. I got to tour some pretty nice homes today which was pretty fun. :)

Not a whole lot new with the boys - D is almost out of school for the year so that's exciting for him. He is in some summer programs but he will still be around the house quite a bit over the summer. It will be hard to get used to (especially with the little ones in daycare)but hopefully we can make the best of it.

C's tantrums are getting somewhat violent. He is doing more and more kicking, and I would say his tantrums are more frequent and over much more random things. For example, yesterday he had a tantrum because I did not stop and check the mail when we got home from picking D up from school. Getting the mail isn't even normally my habit (which is why I didn't stop) - DH usually gets the mail. But it led to some serious screaming and kicking. His tantrums overall are getting shorter as well, which is good of course, but it's hard to know if this is progress or not!

His tantrums are so interesting. He gets mad, kicking, screaming, throwing things; I move him to time out where he lays down and cries and sometimes kicks some more; and then all of a sudden it's over, and I can see the remorse in his eyes and in his voice. He knows exactly how to act appropriately; and he knows exactly what the rules are and what rules he broke. As soon as it's over and he apologizes to me he is (usually) happy and compliant, willing to do what I ask of him. I just wish I could get in that head of his and see what exactly is going on!

I have been trying to do a better job of giving him easy choices, like asking him which potty he wants to use instead of just telling him that it is potty time, or asking him if he wants to brush his own teeth or if he wants me to brush them for him. He is getting pretty good at making a choice between two things, but sadly I can't always think of choices for him (I'm working on it though!). I also am trying to prepare him in advance for upsetting situations - for example, I took the boys to the museum yesterday and let them know ahead of time that we were going to the museum and we were going to have fun, but that after a little while we would have to leave and go back home and that I didn't want them to cry. C agreed that he would not cry when we left the museum. I repeated this approximately 10 times on the way to the museum, and each time C agreed that he would not cry. Then when it was time to leave he started to cry and I quickly told him he had promised not to cry, and he stopped! And we walked out of the museum with no tantrums! It was pretty miraculous. I told him I was proud of him and that we could go back to the museum since he didn't cry, because honestly his tantrums do keep us home more often than not - it is just too difficult to deal with him as well as Y in public when one or both of them are screaming.

I feel like I am a much better "parent" since the kids started daycare. I don't get irritated as much when they interrupt me, my patience lasts much longer, and I am able to think more clearly when they have tantrums or whatever and I feel like I do a better job of handling these things. Previously, by about 3 or 4 in the afternoon I was so tuckered out from dealing with them all day (and all day every day for the last week or longer) that I just wasn't able to deal with everything very well. I would let them get away with too much because I was exhausted, or I would be too strict with them. I feel like I have a much better balance now.

I am trying to pick out paint colors and carpet for our basement. I really like the textured carpet I saw today at Home Depot. I never thought I would really be into that but it is pretty durable and comes in some neat patterns. I am really hoping to finalize a decision and start painting next week so we can get this show on the road! I don't think I would want the textured carpet when we get our new carpet on the main level but I think it would be nice in the basement, especially since the living area is one really long (and kind of boring) room.

Oh and I got most of my garden planted this past week. I am pretty excited about it although I did run out of room to plant everything I wanted to. Oh well! I am trying some new things, like sunflowers, and putting plants together that have symbiotic relationships. I am pretty excited to see what happens!

Do any of my friends in my area need or want an entertainment center or two? We are looking to get rid of the two in our basement and I will give you one if you want it. Seriously. :) Or TVs...we have two big ones if you want them. Please, come and take them away from us!


  1. i am glad the daycare is helping!

  2. One "choice" you could use when desperate for an idea is "do you want to do this now or in ___ minutes?" (2-5 whatever works) Just an idea for a quick situation.


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