The poop doctor

Yeah, we went to the poop doctor today. C is being tested for celiac disease and milk allergy, and other stuff too - they took enough blood for a whole battery of tests, methinks! Starting him on a different poop prescription too, and going to be giving it to him 3X per day for 3 days to get his whole system cleaned out. Sounds like fun, right? As soon as the doctor felt his belly she asked "When was the last time he pooped??" cause she could feel it all in there. Is this TMI? Sometimes i feel my TMI filter is simply non-existent. :) At any rate, hopefully we'll start getting some answers here soon!

Saturday D had his cousin spend the night. She was a pretty good kid and fit right in with us it seemed like. She was a little shy at first but warmed up pretty quickly. I liked having her here! I picked the kids up from their visit with bio mom that day and when I walked in to her house C got right on my lap and started asking me for stuff: "I want a toy, Bwin!" "...well, go ask your mom! I don't know where the toys are." And then a few minutes later "I need a dwink!" "Go ask your mom!" and then "I need my hands cleaned off" "GO ASK YOUR MOM!" It was pretty hilarious. He does the exact same thing with my husband. If I am gone for a few hours and my husband is taking care of C, the second I walk in the door C will tell me "I need a snack! I need a dwink!" and my husband says C never asked him for one. Silly boy!

I had a good talk with their mom too. She really seems like a different person since the last time I talked with her in real life. She was wearing makeup, had her hair done, and was smiling. She asked my opinion about something (!!!!!) which hardly ever (never?) happens and seemed to agree with me when I told her what it was.

I told her that two times now C has said "My mom not sick anymore? She happy now?" and I told her that obviously C can see a change in her and I think that touched her. She graduates with her 2 year degree from college next week so that's exciting for her too. I am hoping that this change in her is for good.

Apparently it is 90 degrees outside right now. I am pretty sure that about 2 weeks ago it was snowing. Where did spring go???


  1. I went through the same testing as a child (sorry, I figured we'd already crossed the TMI line!) anyway, that's no fun, and I hope his doesn't end up with a surgery that gives him the nickname "baboon butt" for the rest of his life.
    Not that I know anyone suffering such a fate or anything...

    Also, SO glad to hear about mom!!! Does she seem to be enjoying her little ones?

  2. Just took my 3-year-old, Stinkpot, to be tested for celiac disease. He had the stool sample ready as we walked in the door. The doctor was quite pleased that he isn't potty trained. Made his job easier.
    Would love for you to join in our blog hop about foster care.


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