Yesterday I...(not me Friday?)

  • Took D to school, and dropped the boys at daycare
  • Went to four different grocery stores for various deals and bought, oh, 50 pounds of meat or so ...ok maybe closer to 60 pounds (lots of good deals for Memorial Day!)
  • Ran 5 miles with my loyal dog
  • On the way home from said run, my dog discovered a baby bird chirping on the ground inside of it's nest, which had fallen out of the tree. The parent bird was dead next to the nest.
  • I rescued the bird, called the Wildlife Rescue people to figure out what the heck to do with it - considered keeping it for about 5 seconds, and promptly decided that I did not need a helpless baby bird to care for (and keep safe from our dogs and cats!) on top of everything else!
  • Showered
  • Took the bird to the wildlife rescue volunteer, who will feed it and raise it until it's old enough to release back into the wild
  • Picked up the boys from daycare
  • Took them to Children's Museum
  • While there Y stuck his hands into the public toilet while I was trying to help C get his pants down so he could go pee.
  • Then on the way back to our car in the parking garage elevator, C pushed the emergency button. Y and I were both OUT of the elevator, and he was still in it. I hurriedly ran back in the elevator because the phone was ringing the emergency people. The door started shutting, Y was still outside of the was terrible, my heart was pounding, I was afraid the elevator was going to take us to a different floor and leave Y standing there all alone! Finally the guy answered the phone and I explained what happened and we quickly made our getaway. I also had a serious talk with C about pushing buttons in the elevator.
It was a crazy day.


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