Bio dad's visit time got changed so it is not during nap time. Yaaaaay! It will be tomorrow morning. The kids go to daycare tomorrow before their visit with mom (because they HAVE to go to daycare every day), so their day will start at 9 a.m. with a visit with their dad, then from there they go to daycare, then go to bio mom's, and they won't get home until about 7:30 or 7:45 at night! I won't get to see them hardly at all. :(

So far visits have not been canceled for almost 3 months straight (with mom, at least). That is pretty amazing. I am trying to find out what the next few months hold, now that it appears mom is holding up her end of the deal. I am unsure of what to expect. This (not knowing what to expect) in and of itself is nothing new, but I guess at this point I am just expecting my boys to be leaving sometime in the next 6 months. Nobody has given me this time frame but I guess if mom is doing everything she is supposed to do then what is keeping them from going back, you know?


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