The visit (cue ominous music)

Welp, the visit with dad went OK I guess. I dropped the kids off at daycare at 11, and they got picked up for the visit at 12:30. I guess the worker gave dad both of my communication books (one is for mom only, one is for dad only) and dad wrote in both of them. Today I CLEARLY labeled them to hopefully avoid confusion next time!

Dad said that he picked up with the boys right where they left off, like he was never even gone (for 6 months and then 5 months before that)! I'm keeping the snarky comments to myself on this one but I'm sure ya'll can fill in the blanks on what exactly I'm feeling. :)

The boys went to bio mom's house after that but she did not get either of the books which was upsetting for me and for her - they both went back to daycare with the baby (who by the way is not going to visits with the boys anymore on Wednesdays because she is having a special visit on Thursday where they can work on bonding with her and mom which is a good thing of course). So since mom didn't know if dad had fed the kids...she just didn't feed them dinner! His visit is from 1-3, hers is from 3:15 to 7:15...Again, keeping snarky comments to myself on this. Anyway, C peed his pants two times during her visit (can't remember the last time he did that here!), and then a whole bunch of mom's family showed up at the visit and fed them candy and pop all night! Then when the boys got home they were bouncing off the walls and being super duper naughty, even worse than usual. Oh and apparently C had a super bad tantrum at his mom's which according to her "never happens", but who knows if it's because he saw his dad or because he was crazy tired from missing a nap (or some combination of the two things!).

I wrote a pretty lengthy email to everyone involved in the case letting them know what happened. I told them that this is crazy, that mom and dad need a way to communicate, and we need to know what the expectations are for everybody so that the boys can be on their normal schedule and everyone knows what is supposed to happen on visits! And so they can actually eat a real dinner! The GAL got my back on that one, so that's nice for once. We'll see what happens though.

Apparently it's not even the same worker that is doing dad and mom's visits - so the kids go to daycare, get picked up by one worker, go to visit with dad, get picked up by another worker, go to visit with mom, possibly get picked up by a different worker and then go home. All of these visits are supervised but there are weird transportation issues so sometimes the worker that picks them up is different from the one that brings them home.

At any rate, with all of these personnel changes how is anything supposed to get communicated? We'll see what happens next Wednesday but it has to be better...right?

C's poop exodus has begun. He is on 3X the normal dosage of Miralax to clean out his system. Today after sitting on the potty he declared "I pooped! It's a big puddle!" It was indeed a big puddle. I kept him in a diaper after that because it was, ah, puddling out everywhere. Ew. Tomorrow it is back to 1 dose per day so hopefully this will even things out but still keep it moving along like it ought to. So far a few of his test results came back, and they are normal so far but still waiting on the one for celiac disease I guess. And I'm supposed to schedule a follow-up visit with the doctor in 4 weeks.

In other news I am seriously considering starting to do some of the work that my husband does. The past few months our volume has been pretty low (we are self employed so low volume = low income), so I am thinking that if I were licensed maybe we would get more work as a result. Not a guarantee, obviously. But then on months where we get tons and tons of work, I could help out so that we can accept more orders and don't have to turn them away because we just don't have the manpower. So I went on an inspection with him today and filled out some of the report (with his help of course!). It isn't like my dream job or anything, but it's a pretty good job and a good income (most of the time - ha!). I have been thinking for some reason about what would happen to me if he died. I would want to be able to continue our business (I think, at least) but right now because I'm not licensed I wouldn't be able to. Then I'd be stuck somewhere working for somebody else, underappreciated and underpaid, never having finished my degree, and probably unable to support a family (if we had already adopted kids). We do have life insurance but it's just better to be safe than sorry I think! We'll see what happens with this though.


  1. I can't believe bio mom's answer was to not feed them dinner and then allow candy-gorge. Wowzas. Glad to hear C's poop issues are getting narrowed down...despite all the nasty!

    Big decision on getting licensed. I will pray for you on that one.


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