Cee Lo lives at my house

I never heard of Cee Lo Green in my life before tonight. We were watching The Voice on TV for the first time and decided that our little Y probably looks exactly like Cee Lo did when he was 22 months old. Especially when Y does his big old cheezy smile - oh man that kid is the cutest little kid when he smiles! :)


C: "Am I gonna see my mommy today?"
Me: "Yeah!"
C: "I'm not gonna see her tomorrow?"
Me: "You see her today AND tomorrow!"
C: "no!"
....a few seconds later
C: "My mommy not sick anymore?" (we told him she was sick when she canceled visits for 3 weeks straight)
Me: "Nope, she's not sick!"
C: "She happy now?"
Me: (tearing up a little bit ) "Yes honey, I think she is happy now."

Kids are so perceptive.

I'll do another update tomorrow most likely.


  1. Praying she doesn't cancel.

  2. I think you are right!! I've never heard of CeeLo either - but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that he looked just like Y as a toddler. That's hilarious!
    And thanks for starting out my day with a little teary eye issue - C is just so sweet and yes, very perceptive.


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