C is for Creative

Yesterday we went to a park and had breakfast with a bunch of strangers and a few people we knew from our church. It was a pretty fun time.

During breakfast, C decided he wanted more sweets and did not want to eat the food he had on his plate. I told him to eat what he had, then he could have some more sweets. He said "NO!" and went to pick up his napkin, which I promptly grabbed away to keep him from throwing it. He looked at me calmly and said "I need my napkin!" Me, being the somewhat naive person that I am, thought to myself "Well, maybe he just wants to wipe his face" and so I gave it back. Then he threw it across the table! I about died (of laughter!)! Thankfully I think I was the only one that saw it - wouldn't want the rest of the world seeing how naughty these little ones can be! ;)

This morning during breakfast, C had another tantrum. I pushed his bowl away from him so he couldn't knock it over/throw it/whatever. So since he had nothing within reach to throw, he took the cereal out of his mouth and threw it! I had to put him in time out, of course, but it was so hilarious that I had to hide a smile the whole time. How in the world does he think of these things? And isn't it funny to watch little kids do stuff like that? I just have to wonder, what exactly is he thinking?


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