Our normal family

Sometimes it is nice to have a normal family. I don't feel that our family is normal very often - most likely because it's NOT normal.

The boys didn't have a visit on Saturday because it got moved to Sunday. This gave us one whole, entire day with nothing in particular scheduled!!!!!

So Saturday we had a normal family day. My husband woke up and made the kids waffles for breakfast (I slept in until 8:30 - thank you husband!). When I woke up we got the kids around, D invited a friend over, and we headed out to the car show at church. My husband pulled the little boys there on the bike trailer and I drove the big boys. We browsed, we looked at colors and shapes, peeked at each other in hubcaps so shiny they looked like mirrors, we walked aimlessly, we watched someone fire up one of the oldest cars I've ever seen, we ooohed and aaahhhed over the crazy things in the old cars. We ate hotdogs and hamburgers and made messes. Came home and I went for a run while the little boys were napping, and the three big boys played video games.

Then we got the little boys back into the bike trailer and husband pulled them all the way out to Chipotle! C had loads of tantrums in Chipotle which was "normal" but not exactly nice. Unfortunately he had to miss out on the bike ride home and ride in the van with me because he was being so naughty. Ah well! Y still had a good time. :)

It was nice to be normal-ish for a day. Even though we accidentally forgot about D's football practice. Does that count as being normal? :)


  1. YES! That counts as normal :) What a fun day for everyone (except C on the way back from Chipotle) Love you!

  2. It wasn't very fun going approximately 4 mph into the 25 mph, 45-degree wind, but the rest of it was fun!


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