Sleep, and whiny me

OK So I got to thinking - at least bio mom is giving her kids clothes! I mean, that's good, right? I went through C's clothes because his drawers were overflowing. He has, no kidding, 24 pairs of pants that fit him, probably more if I would have went through what I already have packed away. And I didn't even bother counting the shirts. But anyway, it's good that she is providing for them. I kind of want to tell her that we have enough clothes but I don't want to be mean or whatever. Technically she's still mad at me over the ipod incident. Which, by the way, we haven't heard anything about yet.

In other news, Y has decided he only needs to sleep 11 hours at night, and 90 minutes max at nap time. This is the kid that usually sleeps 12 hours a night plus 2, sometimes 3 hours at nap time. He has been very cranky lately. The past two days I've gotten him out of bed in the morning, fed him, changed him, and put him back down. He slept yesterday morning, and didn't sleep today but did rest for 20 minutes or so. So, whatever I guess! Then he also keeps asking to take a nap at 10:30. He goes and stands by his crib and cries. But I'm like...dude, I need you to nap when your brother does! Is that selfish of me? Probably so. Why can't kids just do what I want them to?!?!? ;)

C is picking up the slack for Y's lack of sleep. He has been sleeping 13 hours a night pretty regularly, plus 2-3 hour long naps. Yikes. I think he must be doing some serious growing.

Also, today is day 1 of potty training C, for real. The past five days or so I have made him get on the potty when he wakes up, and he has gone pee every time. Sometimes he puts up a bit of a fight but once he's on the pot he calms down. Today he was diaper-less and pants-less all day long. He did a number two on the potty and peed also, so that is really good! No accidents, though I did catch him trying to poop on the floor. But we made it to the potty in time, so that's what counts! Yuck.

My little un-napper is crying for me. *sigh* Good bye, break time! Glad I got to eat lunch and empty the dishwasher at least.


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