Just an update

Welp, we have nearly survived the weekend. Here are some tidbits of the goings-on in the last few days:

First, forgot to tell you that bio mom asked in the notebook on Thursday (the first day of the new visit schedule, where visits last for 4 hours instead of 2) what the little boys' bedtime was, and that she thought the visits (which end at 7:15) might be going too late for them. I am thinking they just got bored/confused/whatever with having a long visit - I don't think they've been with their mom for 4 hours in a row in almost 10 months! Their bed time is normally around 7:30 or 8 and I know it's cutting it a bit close, but I think it's fine. I'm wondering if she just wasn't used to seeing them get cranky and stuff. It happens every day, you know, because they are kids, but probably not when they are at her house since they are normally there for such a short time!

We had the baby all weekend, from Friday evening and her foster mom will pick her up in a few hours (currently she is snoozing in the Moby!). M did so good! Her FM has a bedtime routine which involves reading the same book every night, singing, giving a bottle, etc. and it worked like a charm! Her "bed time" is around 8 or 8:30 p.m. every night. The first night, I held her until she feel asleep and then kept holding her for 10 minutes or so. Went to put her down and she stayed asleep (yay!)...and then she woke up a few minutes later. Rinse, repeat...same thing. By the time I got her down and got her to STAY down I ended up having to give her another bottle at 10:00. I added some new lyrics to an old song, and sung it to her. And it seemed to work. Wondering what those magical lyrics are?

Go to sleeeep
Go to sleeeeep
Go to sleeep little baby,
Go to sleep,
Go to sleep,
Go to sle-eep little girl!

You need sleeep,
I need sleeeeep,
We both need our sleeeep,
Go to sleeeep,
Go to sleeeep,
Go to sleeep little girl!

OK I'll admit it, it probably wasn't the song. But at any rate, I got her to sleep at 10, and she slept until 3:45, had a bottle, and went straight back to sleep until 7! I had a restful night of sleep, and it was amazing. Last time she spent the night I had to get her out of her crib, sleep with my hand on her so that she would sleep, and I was up all night with her grunting and groaning. I was extremely tired the next day.

The second night she did pretty well too; I got her to sleep at 9, she woke up at 2:45 and I gave her a bottle, woke up at 3:45 so I gave her a little more of a bottle and she went back to sleep, woke up at 5:45 and gave her a bottle and then she slept until I woke her up at 8 to get her ready for church. When I write it down it doesn't sound like the second night was that good but really, I can't complain at all.

Yesterday, the kids were all supposed to go on a four-hour visit. Brian and I were planning on going on a date, and we had been looking forward to it all day! Brian held the baby while I went running during nap time and he did a great job, I was so proud! There is something very sweet and special about a man holding a baby, I think. :) Anyway, he held her while I showered, and then it was time to get the kids up go to on their visit. The boys left, and someone else was supposed to come for M...but we waited, and waited, and waited...and no one showed up.

Finally we called the transport company, and the guy I talked to was exceedingly un-helpful. He said he would call us back. In the meantime the clock kept ticking. Finally the lady that had picked up the boys called me, and said that bio mom was sick so the visit was canceled. So they were bringing back the boys. And of course the baby was pissed because she had been in her carseat for over 1/2 hour because I try to be responsible and have her ready to go.

It was super frustrating, just the whole experience. And of course we didn't have dinner planned because the kids were supposed to be gone and we were going to eat out. And to make matters even more frustrating, apparently bio mom called the transport company ahead of time and told them she was canceling, but they only got the message to one of the workers and never bothered calling the other worker or us. What the heck, right? Plus she sent the little ones home with cinnamon rolls, one of which got partially fed to our dogs who, by the way, are supposed to be on a grain free diet. Oh and of course the little boys were covered with frosting and their coats were all nasty. It is so frustrating when she does that stuff. I get the whole poverty mindset, mom is supposed to feed the family and its how she shows them she loves them, etc...but just have them eat inside. Or give the food to the worker, and they can eat it at our house, or something. You know? Maybe she doesn't know how messy they get, because she doesn't have to clean them up or wash their coats. I already feel like she hates me so I hate to ask her not to do that.

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we called our dear friends and they watched all four of the kids for us for 2 hours while we went to a restaurant. They also have a one-year-old of their own, plus they were watching another one-year-old, so to say they had a house full was definitely an understatement. The kids all had a good time though, and we got to have our date which was really nice just to be kid-free for a couple of hours.

Anyway my free time for today is over. I am really hoping to sit around and watch some TV tonight. I realize this may or may not happen, but I can hope, right? Isn't it funny the things we take for granted? I mean I never really watched TV that much because, quite frankly, there just isn't that much out there that interests me...but now it's like a reward, like if I can watch TV for an hour or two a week I am pretty happy about that. Ha ha!

And if you haven't started watching the show No Ordinary Family yet, you ought to. You can stream it on HULU. :)


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