Meeting with the Senator and our trip to the gym!

My meeting with the Senator was last night. She was very kind and her jaw literally dropped at some of the things I told her. I basically just did a recap of my letter, and then gave it to her because I am a far better writer than I am a speaker! Hopefully she will read it.

This morning we went to a gym to play. A gym where they do gymnastics. They have all kinds of fun things to play on and lots of room for the little ones to run and run. The boys had a really good time playing with their buddy Levi and they did really well. C asked if we could go again and I think we will!

I have to say the highlight of my day, though, was C going potty on the potty at the gym - not once, but twice! This was our first diaper-less outing. He was in his big boy underwear, and proud of it! He never tells us when he needs to go, so I just tell him that it's time to go potty every couple of hours, and then he goes and sits on the pot and goes. It wasn't always this easy, of course...this is after several weeks of work at home.

Anyway, the first time I took him I made a fatal error - I put him on the potty forward facing. At home we have a little boy potty with a pee-pee guard, and he goes on that with very little leakage. Well when he went on the adult-sized potty....let's just say that I'm guessing the girl's restroom never quite had pee in THAT spot before! In my hurry to turn him around so he could sit backwards and brace himself and lean forward and actually make it IN the potty rather than on the stall door, I knocked his underwear into the potty. Yes, that's right. So in addition to cleaning up pee that was by this time almost everywhere besides actually IN the potty, I got to fish soggy little boy underwear out of the toilet.

The second time he performed without incident. To say that I was proud (and I was proud both times despite the mess!) would be the understatement of the year. I'm sure we will have accidents when we are out and about in the future, but I think this is the beginning of having one less child in diapers. Yay!

Sometimes I have to wonder - does stuff like this happen to other people? I mean, with knocking things into the toilet in a public restroom, and that kind of thing. It just seems like a lot of very odd things happen to me with these kids. Maybe that's just part of "mother"hood. :)


  1. Yes, I think it's just part of motherhood :)Very odd things happen to most people once they have kids in their home :)


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