Well the kids are at respite, and it is 10:23 and my husband is working in our bedroom and I am ready to go to sleep! So I am waiting until he gets done.

Anyway, I just want to say that today was the first and second time that I have gotten major spit-upped on, and it went down my shirt. Once it even went past my bra (is that TMI?) so that tells you how much barf-volume we are talking here. Sick. It was like she did it on purpose too. She was facing away from me, and then she looked towards me and BAM, barf down my shirt. How does that even happen?

In other news, we had an accident free day today again with C. I am still keeping him pretty much pants-less, though he did wear pants for a few hours today and was OK.

Baby M has been sick lately, she is on antibiotics and has been really congested, poor little thing! But the bright side (for me) is that she has been sleeping a TON, which makes my days a lot easier. I know, that is probably very selfish of me. Ah well!

I bought bok choy at the grocery store today. I always think it looks so pretty and apparently it is really healthy for you, plus it was on sale along with jicama (which I love!). So I found a stir fry recipe that calls for it (not jicama though, that sounds disgusting!), and we are going to cook that sometime, maybe for dinner tomorrow or something. When I say "we" I mean probably "I" of course. :)

My birthday is on Sunday. I will be 28. I feel much older than that, but look much younger as D always likes to tease me about. Humph.

I have been trying to purchase more organic fruits and veggies. A lot of times the organic food looks really nasty, and once I bought organic Romaine and it had a LOT of bugs on it and it totally freaked me out. I mean I don't mind bugs on stuff that I pick out of my garden (I do organic gardening), but paying for something with bugs on it just doesn't seem right. ANYWAY, back to the organic stuff. So I decided hey, thirty cents more for one organic avocado? Heck, why not. It's thirty cents. I have been buying organic bananas too...I mean if you look at the cost per pound yes, they are almost twice as much as the not organic. But 88 cents a pound is still cheap, for fresh produce!

I found out that the salad dressing I have grown to love has ELEVEN GRAMS OF FAT in two tablespoons. Yikes. So I bought a different kind today. Goodbye, Creamy Poppyseed dressing! I love you, but I am afraid we must thus be strangers. I have been eating a salad every day for lunch, with all kinds of different veggies and stuff. It's been interesting and kind of an experience. But anyway, all that good eating has been negated by all of the fat in the salad dressing. Did I even use "negated" right just then?

I have a chance to meet with a senator to talk about foster care payments. I am excited. It is going to be on Thursday. I am also going to write her a letter in case I get nervous or whatever and can't get everything that I need to say out. I'll be sure to post whatever I come up with. :)

C wanted to get his gloves out of his coat pocket yesterday. I always tell him to leave them in there unless we are going outside, because I don't want him to loose them. He told me confidently, "The baby wanna see mah guhves!" It was pretty much hilarious. He comes up with some pretty funny one-liners.

We have been watching Baby Signing Time vols. 1 and 2. C likes it a lot, and is learning the signs pretty well. Y is not that interested, unless it involves food. This should not surprise me, I suppose! He is an eating machine. He learned "cracker" and was quite proud. The day he learned it he did it all day long. :)

I have been informed that my husband's work is done. Goodnight, world! See you first thing in the morning tomorrow when I go for a six mile run! UGH!


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