Potty training

It has been four days.

I hate it.

C hates it.

I really want to be done.

I may be going about this incorrectly.

He does NOT want to pee on the potty, most of the time. He is OK with going first thing in the morning. Otherwise...no. He sits and sits, and cries, and when he gets up he says he needs to potty, so he sits back down, and he sits and sits. And sits. And he is OK with pooping on the potty too. And he tells me when he needs to poop...usually.

I scared him because he peed on the floor and I grabbed him and took him to the potty while he was in the middle of peeing. I didn't mean to scare him! But he cried. And I tried to explain that we go pee in the potty, not on the floor, and I didn't mean to scared him.

But I'm pretty sure I scarred him for life.

So anyway, I am thinking of making going pee in diapers less fun.

Such as, would putting something inside of them (like a cloth, or kleenex, or something like that?) that would feel wet when he peed be possible? I mean I don't want to be all weird or anything, but I don't want to spend a bunch of money on cloth diapers or something like that, you know? If I put him in underwear and he pees then I have to change him right away of course because it gets on everything else too. So it might not have the "eww, I feel all wet and icky!" factor as him having to sit in it for a while would. Or maybe i could put him in underwear and then put the diapers on over that. Which I know is kinda weird too. But I mean really, if it does the job, then why buy other stuff? I know disposables feel very dry and so he might not notice when he pees or he might prefer it because, you know, it's easier to just keep playing and pee in your pants I guess.

I thought this would be easier.

And it's not.

Is there potty training boot camp? Maybe I can send him away for a few weeks and get it done, and then he can come back to me a big boy.

Considering just starting with Y instead of C, to see if it would be any easier. Which I doubt it will. But you never know, I guess.



  1. have you tried facing him backwards on the toilet? I hear it's easier for boys that way (for aiming purposes). Plus, their legs spread apart, so it's harder to hold it in.

    As far as cloth goes- it's not much of an investment if you do prefolds and covers. Heck, you won't even need the covers, just the things to hold them on him. Easy to get on and off and you can totally tell when he's wet! You'll either spend it up front on cloth (that you can use later?) or later in disposables, right?
    Anyway, just my thoughts! I've never done it myself, so it's all guessing anyway :)

  2. I'm sorry it's not going well dear. You weren't crazy about being potty trained either :) Some kids just get it in a snap and some kids just don't.... I don't know what to tell you. Just hang in there! He'll catch on eventually. When he goes for his home visits does he wear a diaper or is bio-mom trying to help with the potty training? Love you!

  3. Lol about the boot camp and C coming home a "big boy!" Then maybe he would fit into some of those clothes he comes home in and the size 1 diapers wouldn't be an option! ;)

    Boot camp... How about thinking of potty training as a marathon? You're doing awesome!! You're probably at mile 7 or 8 already after four days! The satisfaction at the end and the post race goodies will be worth it!!!!


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