Not Me Monday

Here are some of the things I did not do this weekend:

I definitely did not eat an entire half of a large Pizza Hut pizza for dinner on Friday night. That would be, like, more than a pound of pizza! Close to 1% of my body weight! Gross!

Earlier in the week I definitely did not crave a glass of whole milk. I mean, who needs all those calories (and fat!), and besides that I'm lactose intolerant anyway! Almond milk only for me, baby. So I definitely knew that it would not be pretty if I drank that much milk. And I clearly chose NOT to drink it. Obviously.

I did not put the little boys to bed almost a whole hour early tonight after having a terrible, no-good day today with them. Schedules are important, people! How many times do I have to tell you that???

I also did not, earlier in the day, attempt to put them down for nap in the same room for the first time in six months. Hello, bad timing! Why not pick a "good" day to do that, instead of a rotten one?

I definitely did not leave my husband on Saturday alone with the boys for almost 12 full hours while I went to my sister's baby shower, and out to lunch, and running with my brother, and then out to dinner. No no, I wouldn't do such a thing to my dear husband!


Anyway. Potty training is going better. I mean there are good days, and there are bad days. Sometimes he throws a fit when I put him on the potty. I usually just let him sit for a few minutes and then get up if nothing happens, unless I'm pretty sure he needs to go. Yesterday he didn't go to the bathroom in his diaper at all, unless he went at church and they changed him. We were out and about a lot yesterday but still tried to get him to sit on the potty when we were home, and I guess that was all he needed to do! So that was good. Wish I could say the same for today, but I'll take what I can get!

It was a snow day today. It snowed an awful lot. Schools were closed, so D was home, but thankfully the baby's foster mom doesn't have to work if LPS is closed, so she didn't come today. We went and played in the snow but both of the little boys cried. Y did not last long at all. C lasted quite a bit longer but then he just randomly started bawling, and just couldn't get a hold of himself. He said he didn't want to go inside, and I did ask him several times, but he just kept saying "noooo!" and standing there crying. So I just made him come in.

Y has been crying a lot. He wants to be held 24/7, and only by me (usually). If I tell him not to do something he totally falls apart and cries for several minutes, sometimes longer. I mean, it can be like "You need to sit on your bottom!" when he's standing up on the couch and it just causes a slew of tears. It's ridiculous and it's wearing on my nerves. And what's REALLY irritating is that when he's crying, I can see him looking out of the corner of his eye to see if I'm looking at him or not. So it seems kind of like tantrums to me. *sigh* I am trying to ignore it, really. There are so many different ways to deal with tantrums and it's hard to know what's best. I don't like to isolate him, but sometimes if I just can't take it anymore I just put him in his crib for a while. I just don't understand why he has to stand there and scream at me!

My brother talked me into doing a marathon with him. I then talked one of my friends into joining us, and she may be able to talk her husband into joining us as well. It's one of the marathons I ran last year. I think it will be fun, but I am not planning on finishing well - I just want to finish, really! I doubt I can beat last year's time but who knows.

My sister left for Japan. I mean she's been living there, but was home for quite a while. Now if all has gone as planned she should be on her way to Seattle, where she has to wait for a flight with the Air Force. I am sad. She is having a baby and is due April 2, and it makes me really sad that I might not be able to see the baby until next spring. One thing I was thinking about little kids is if you dote on them from afar, even if you love them very much and look at pictures of them all the time and stuff, if they don't see you then they don't know you. And that is sad to think about. :(

But in some exciting news, a few weeks ago she was visiting me here and we went shopping at MilkWorks. She saw this diaper bag that she totally loved. She is a big fan of all things giraffe and they had this giraffe diaper bag. When she saw it she said "I think I NEED this!" but then looked at the price tag and said that her husband would kill her if she bought it.

Secretly, I went back shortly after and bought it for her. Friday, the day before the shower, I guess she was talking to a family friend at dinner about how she loved this bag but it was too expensive. Then Saturday at the shower I gave it to her! She was totally surprised. It was pretty awesome. She even said she was going to take it as her carry on for her looong plane ride back to Japan. I love getting people stuff they really want! And it's even better when it's a surprise. :)

Anyway I guess I am going to go work out. What I really want to do is eat cookies...but I think I've had enough for the day.


  1. It may be an age thing with Y's clingyness- Sam is doing the exact same thing! I just pick her up under her arms, carry her to her room, plop her back on the ground, firmly say "ALL DONE CRYING!!" and walk out of the room. After about 20 million times she gets the idea.
    (in other words, I have no idea what to do!:) )
    oh, and on the long distant thing- get a web cam! Using Skype is free. We do it quite a bit with Jer's parents. Sam recognized her Grandma and Grandad right away and eagerly went to them both when we visited! (She hadn't seen them in person since she was 6 months old.) If you know my child at all, this is very impressive, as she is very wary and shy of strangers.

    and I'm right with you on the gift thing. I actually enjoy watching people open my gifts then getting any myself!

  2. All I have to say is I admire you for the pizza feat. That's what I'm talkin bout!!

    (keeping my comments within my area of familiarity tonight ;)


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