Toddler Tidbits

As we were driving D to school yesterday, a fire truck drove right by us with sirens on and horn honking. Needless to say, the boys were beside themselves with excitement!

C: Why is he honking his horn?
Me: To tell people to get out of the way!
C: So they won't get hurt?
me: Yeah.

Then I heard this gem come from the back seat:
C: Ironman did not get out of the way for the firetruck and he got DEAD!


C: I'm a BAD T-REX!
Y: Don't get me T-Rex!
C: RAWR! (Chasing Y around the room)
Then the boys collapse in giggles, and do it 100 more times. :)

Sometimes it's a huge pain in the bum to have two kids so close in age, but watching them play together is so much fun (when they are being nice to each other, at least).


C: When we get home, I want to play outside!
Me: We can't play outside because (caseworker lady) is coming over.
C: I don't like (caseworker lady)! She is UGLY!

I totally freaked out on him about this. I have no idea where he even learned to talk like that (but I do have some idea...ahem, D). It made me so sad to hear him say that about another human being. :( Kids can be so mean. And she is not ugly at all so he doesn't even know what he's saying, I don't think.


Y has been waking up super early every day, and waking C up too. I don't really know what to do. I thought it was just a fluke, but it's been 4 or 5 days in a row now. Then they are both SUPER whiny in the morning now, and getting them ready and out the door is a huge pain. Every single thing makes them cry. Y has just been a big lump, letting me pick out his underwear and clothes (normally he wants to do it) and also pretty much just laying there while I dress him (normally he wants to do it all by himself!). Then yesterday C fell asleep in the car at like 5:30 p.m.! That is crazy! I think tonight we might put them to bed extra early and then just hope for the best. If they wake up early in the morning I will probably just tell them to try to go back to sleep and then give them some time and see what happens, since we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow there is no need to get them up and around.


Caseworker lady came over yesterday. She said the other members of the team are pushing to get one of the kids moved home ASAP, and it will probably be D. Sounds like caseworker lady is a little apprehensive about the whole thing still. And she said that the little boys probably won't move home before March, because their dad will most likely protest them going home to their mom just to be a pain (he does not want them, he just likes to make everyone's life miserable I think). March is when the next court hearing is so the judge can rule on dad's protesting, or however that works. So they might get overnights, and by that time they might have several overnights each week, but they would still technically be wards of the state in our care until the judge makes the final decision. Also the team can request an earlier court date if they think the boys are ready to move home before then. D's dad is not a part of this case so he can't/won't protest D moving home.

My husband pointed out that we have not requested respite since D started overnights with his mom. Why? Because we haven't needed it! >_< He has been better overall but ever since he started overnights with his mom he has had kind of an attitude and a chip on his shoulder. I've been going out of my way the last couple of days to try to be nice to him even when I don't feel like it or when he is mean to me. It seems to be working in my favor. Sometimes I can be so prideful. I feel like that has damaged our relationship. I don't know what it is but he and I just butt heads a lot.

So I dropped D off at school this morning, and we will not see him again until Sunday! He has a skate party after school (he is just walking to the skating rink) and then the worker is picking him up there afterwards. Crazy. And also I only get to see M two days a week now because of her increasing visits too! It is kind of sad. At least we still have the two little boys! :)


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