Conflicting tragedies

A year and four months ago when the boys first moved in, I was given a set of bottles for Y. I was told to pass them on when I was done with them. Well, Y stopped using a bottle probably about a year ago, and they just sat in our basement. Finally 2 months ago I put them in the van, with the very good intention of donating them to the Crisis Pregnancy Center here in town.

They continued collecting dust in the van until today.

As I parked my car in front of the center, I saw a young girl walking in. When I walked in, she was sitting on the couch and filling out paperwork. It was all I could do to contain the tears that threatened to well up.

I can't imagine the tragedy of an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy, especially when you are young and perhaps without supportive and loving people in your life, and without the financial and maybe even emotional resources to care for a child.

My tragedy is the one where you hope and wish for a baby, but it doesn't happen.

I feel so much in common with these girls and yet we are so very, very different. A part of me wants to shake them and to say "I would give anything to be you!" while another part of me feels like a mother, just wanting to help them and to take them into my arms and care for them and love them so they can love their baby.

It is a sad world sometimes. Thankfully we have a good God always.


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