Just a quickie...

Our little guys we are doing respite for...I'm going to call him "Spike" because of his awesome hairdo. He calls my husband Daddy. It is sweet but also kind of sad. I just feel like the words "mom" and "dad" should mean something, and not be assigned to a stranger you just met yesterday. I know Spike has visits with his real dad so he does have a dad in his life at least to some extent. My husband keeps telling Spike over and over "No, I'm not Daddy, I'm Brian!" and Spike will say "Hi Brian!" but then 2 seconds later calls him daddy again. Maybe his dad is the only real man in his life so he isn't sure what to make of my husband. Who knows.

Spike is so polite. He always says thank you and you're welcome. And when you ask him to stop doing something he says "Sowwy!" He may or may not actually stop doing what you asked him to stop doing...but it's still pretty cute!

I am pretty exhausted. Spike was a pretty good boy this morning and I actually was able to get some work done, somehow. I think he was still a little tired from yesterday.

D is going to this thing at our church where he is staying up all night doing things like going to the YMCA, going skating, and something else with all the middle school kids. Thankfully he has a visit aalllll day long tomorrow with his mom. I'm hoping he gets lots of sleep so he won't be a crabby pants on Sunday, but I'm not betting on it. He seems to think he'll be fine if he just gets a couple of hours of sleep. :o) I guess we'll see!

My husband and D left to go get a new laptop for our business (our old one won't charge anymore and hasn't worked for like a year) and also to pick up our new dishwasher (our old one came with the house and was circa 1980's and leaving rust spots on our dishes). So I am pretty darn excited. And I got the tile and counter top ordered for our kitchen...it is getting close! Oh and I think I forgot to say that a small wall has been removed from the kitchen (and a couple of lights added), and it looks sooo nice. I just feel like it totally opens the kitchen up and when you walk in the front door there isn't this wall right in your face anymore. It is exciting!! :)


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