Saturday my niece came over while my brother, sister in law, and husband went to a football game. She was soooo cute. She is 10 months old and already able to walk a few steps unassisted. It was a lot of fun, until my brother got back and woke her up from her nap. He laid her on the floor to change her diaper, and she barfed all over the carpet. He picked her up and took her into the kitchen, and she barfed some more. OK, she barfed a LOT more. I would have never thought so much barf could come out of one baby! I am hoping that whatever caused that was not contagious, because I do not need to get sick and I for SURE don't need the boys to get sick! I can't even imagine. I have been so lucky so far that the only times they have thrown up have been a little bit, and never multiple times in a day. I am not sure how well I'd do with multiple little barfing children!

D had his two overnight visits this weekend. It sounded like it went well. He was in a surprisingly good mood when he got back. He also SNORED last night, so loud we could hear him in the living room! It was kinda hilarious. He must have been pretty tired. :)

Yesterday while my husband and D were at D's football game, I took the little boys to the pumpkin patch. They rode on the train, jumped in the bounce house, petted a pig (OK, I'm the only one that actually touched the pig), looked at ponies, went inside a giant cake, and played in a bus full of dried corn. And we walked a lot. We didn't get there until almost 2:00, and by 3:30 they were both asking if we could go home. They were soooo tired.

They have been fighting some kind of runny nose/cough business for a while now. Their snot has remained clear and they are not running a fever but they are just kinda miserable-ish. So last night I made them dinner at 4:30 (waffles and scrambled eggs!), started bath time around 5:30 and they were in bed by 6:15. Yes, I know, that is crazy early. I think their regular bed time (7:00-7:30ish) is crazy early, so 6:15 was extra crazy early.

I was a little nervous about it but they just will not sleep in in the morning, so the only way to get them extra sleep is to go to bed earlier. For the past week our mornings have been complete nightmares with Y crying over every single thing and saying "I'm tired! I'm tired!" but refusing to go back to sleep. He has been waking up at 6:45 a.m. and it's just not enough sleep.

So last night like I said they were in bed at 6:15...and they didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning. Yaaaaay! Still a little on the whiny side this morning but hey, I'll take what I can get at this point. 13 hours is apparently the ideal number of hours for sick kids to sleep! :) The crappy thing is that they won't get to bed tonight or tomorrow night until 8 p.m. because of their visit. I wish they would sleep in in the mornings! *sigh* I think C would, but as soon as Y wakes up he starts crying and wakes everyone else up too. Even if I get there 10 seconds after he starts crying, C is already awake.

At 10 this morning the boys' mom texted me to see if I had gotten them Halloween costumes. She said she wasn't able to afford any. Halloween, by the way, is TODAY. Her visit starts 4 hours after she sent me the text.

I responded and said that I knew they wouldn't be with us for Halloween so I hadn't gotten them any costumes.

She responded and said "OK, I think I can get them some." ...yeah, I'm confused too.

D has only ONE football game left, and I am thrilled beyond belief to have our lives get back to normal after it's over. We are going to save so much money on gas too! :) We won't be signing him up for any more activities outside of school because it does look like he is going home soon, and his mom has no vehicle and no way to get him to any activities.

This year we can't really make any advance plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas because we have no idea what the kids' schedules (and therefor our schedules) will be. So that is kind of frustrating, but I guess that's just how it goes. They keep adding visits which is good because that means the case is moving along, it just makes it difficult to plan around! And I hate to send them to respite over the holidays.

In 2 weeks and a couple days we will have a new kitchen. I am so excited! We offered to host Thanksgiving and/or Christmas for my family so that we can coordinate with the boys' visits (that way we will be here if they need to get picked up or dropped off and we won't have to drive all over the state to get them to a visit on time). So we shall see what happens!


  1. Be sure to post before/after pics of the kitchen!
    Also, something that has been a life saver for us it the stop-light alarm clock...just type that into amazon. SO worth the money, even if you'll only be using it for a few more months!

    Also, is a financial assessment made of the parents to see if they can afford to have children in their home in order to take them out of child care? I mean, four kids is a huge expense...But, I'm assuming she's on welfare, so that probably does a little.


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