Toddler Tidbits

I have been trying to keep a cleaner home lately. And the first person to notice was C!

"Why is there nothing on the table?" and "Why is there no hair in the sink?" were a few of his innocent observations. Me = busted! :)

I ran with the little boys in the stroller the other day. Together they weigh about 15 pounds more than they did last year, and let me tell you that I feel every one of those extra pounds in the stroller. I was pushing them and huffing and puffing, and C kept asking questions. So I very kindly asked him to quit talking to me while I was running. But then...

Me: Oh great.
C: Why say 'Oh great'?
Me: Because there is a raccoon.
(for real, it was right there, and it was the fattest raccoon you've ever seen, and I was with my dog and two little kids on a road with no sidewalk and no real way to avoid it)
C: What is the raccoon doing?
Me: It's just laying there.
C: Why is it just laying there?
Me: Because it's dead.
C: Why is it dead?
Me: Because it got hit by a car.
C: Why did it get hit by a car?
Me: Can you please stop asking me questions right now?

Then when we got home one of our cats was curled up and napping in the sunlight and C asks, "Is Alex dead?"


When I woke Y up this morning, the first thing he said to me was "I poop! Big one!" And he for sure had a poopy diaper. Which is a lovely thing to deal with first thing in the morning but I guess it's better to have a poopy diaper than poopy underwear! :)

Y started wearing underwear! He has had an accident every day so far (it's only been 2 days). Today when I picked him up from preschool he was wearing bell-bottom jeans with sparkles, butterflies, and rhinestones. And also socks with bows on them. It was pretty awesome. I guess I need to send some extra clothes to preschool for him! :) Anyway, he still has to wear a diaper for night time and he cried tonight when I put his diaper on him. :(

M is almost 1 year old. I don't talk about her on my blog as much even though I still see her 5 days a week...because every time she is over here she is SLEEPING. Girl does not sleep at daycare at all, or if she does it's only for 30 minute stretches (one per day). So at my house, she sleeeeeeps. For pretty much the whole time she's here, which is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 or so hours. Poor thing! I feel so bad for her. I am not sure why she won't sleep at daycare and I wonder what the other kids' sleeping patterns are. I'm glad she can get some sleep here but I do kind of miss hanging out with her!

I have decided to attempt to run 1,000 miles this year. I have 283 miles left to go. It will be tough but I think I can do it! I'm also going to try to ride my bike more and get faster, because slogging along at 13-14 mph is just not gonna cut it if I want to do a half ironman next year! :)

I guess that's it for now!


  1. when ever i clean my kids ask "who is coming over?" i think they are on to me :)


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