Well today I asked bio mom kindly to not send money home with the boys from visits, because I don't want them to swallow it in the car when no one is looking. I wanted to say PLEASE don't let them play with money, but I refrained because I really don't think she cares what I say.

She responded that she never sends money home with them, she doesn't know how they always find money at her house.

I am wondering if we are supposed to believe that C randomly found and swallowed a penny which just happened to show up on the bleachers of a small football stadium minutes after she arrived. Or does she think that them just finding money sounds better than her giving it to them? Because she has an almost-one-year-old that is mobile now, and the baby "finding money" could be bad news and it is pretty much a guarantee that if she finds it, it will go in the mouth!

I don't think I mentioned yet that she has been granted overnight visits with the baby. The longest the baby has been with her mom at a time since she has been born has been 4 hours, so now she will all of the sudden have a looong overnight visit. This makes no sense to me it seems like it ought to be built up, like let her have a 6 or 8 hour visit during the day for a while before going straight to overnights. But what do I know, I'm just the foster parent. Right?

Also there was poop today, and no penny that I could see. I am thinking it would be a lot easier if he was still wearing a diaper, because honestly I am just not that interested in sticking something into the toilet to, ah, agitate the poop and see what is left at the bottom. At least in a diaper you could do the squish test or something. Ha ha!


  1. I can't imagine fishing for pennies in the toilet.

  2. Funny thing--I swallowed a penny when I was little and still remember going to dr about it. I saw the x-ray and the penny showed very plainly! I don't think it was ever recovered, but I'm pretty sure it found it's way out at some point. Never showed up an MRI in my adult life.


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