Lying/Not me Monday

D came home with a do-rag on his head the other night. He looked like a little gangsta and I am NOT a fan of that look. Anyway, my husband told him "You look like a guy in a movie we just saw!" and I definitely did not say "Yeah, and he went to JAIL in case you were wondering!" I am a big fan of freedom of expression and all that jazz and I would never stereotype people based on what they wear. :)

C lied to me this morning. Oh, how I HATE being lied to. I feel like it's just a slippery slope, it's a bad habit to be getting in to at the age of three. When you catch him in a lie he always says "No I don't wanna lie!" but then he won't admit that he lied.

Anyway, I put him in time out and then went and talked to him. I tried to explain that God doesn't want us to lie, and in the Bible He tells us not to lie. C was very serious for a moment and then he said "And the Bible says we don't go in the kitchen!" That is a rule at our house for safety reasons. I told him the Bible didn't say that...

...But now he's going around saying "The Bible says we don't hit Y! The Bible says we share with our toys! The Bible says we don't touch the music (aka the radio)." So I have created a monster, and I hope that other people that hear this stuff don't think I actually told him that the Bible says we don't touch the music! :o)


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