And this is why money is not a toy!

Well bio mom told C to tell me "Can I go to D's football game tomorrow so I can see my mommy?" And he told me it. Kinda shady and manipulative on her part, IMHO, but whatever.

Anyway, she showed up at the game and kind of treats it like a visit, which is fine, whatever. So she is in charge of the boys. She is always giving them money to play with, they bring it home and we have to take it away from them and then they cry.

Well I went to go get my jacket out of the car, and when I got back, she told me "Um, C just swallowed a penny."

At first I thought she was joking...I mean he's three, it seems like he would be too old for that but what do I know.

But no, it was the truth.

And this, bio mom, is why we don't let little children play with money. I am hoping it will come out in the next few days and be no big deal. But apparently pennies made after 1989 can react with acid in the stomach and create a substance as corrosive as battery acid, which sounds extremely painful. And sometimes they require surgery to get out. If this happens I will freak out, for real.



  1. Our pediatrician owns a metal detector for just this reason! Our daughter swallowed a metal hair clip (who does that!! and how?!) when she was barely 2. Once it made it to her stomach the ENT said, "well, if it's not too big to get into her stomach, it's not too big to get out" Uh, thanks... The ped said, "if you don't see it in 2 days, bring her in and we'll wand her, most likely you just missed it." It came out the next morning, whew!


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