Welp, D has been granted one overnight visit a week with his mom!

This feels like the beginning of the end. Only 6 short months ago she basically abandoned them, not showing up to any visit for 3 whole weeks while we were taking care of them 24/7 (the kids were not in daycare at that time) and completely stressing out!

We are requesting that the visits take place on Friday nights. Mostly because they already have a visit all day on Saturdays, so if she allows D to stay up late and he is cranky the next day then she will get to spend the whole day with him! :) And, of course, that would also mean that we avoid spending the whole day with an over-tired 12 year old. So it's kind of a win win, because it's a learning opportunity for her! Plus there are other reasons too...but that's the main reason. :)

I feel like I had something else important to say, but I can't remember what that was. So, until next time!


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