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I need to say a couple more things about the death of our beloved cat. First, we have NOT TOLD the little boys about this. So if you know me in real life, and you see them, feel free to not mention it. These aren't my children and it is difficult for me to know how to explain death to them, and I'm not sure their mom would even WANT them to know about death. Tigger was an inside/outside cat, and so I don't think the little boys will really notice that he is gone because he wasn't always around, you know what I mean? They did hear my husband say that Tigger was in heaven and they didn't ask about that so...who knows. They did love Tigger and always liked to pet him...Y even tried to ride him once. :o)

Also, D does NOT KNOW that I am the one that hit Tigger with the car. He only knows that he was hit by a car. So again, if you see him, don't tell him that it was my fault! We figure it may increase his animosity towards me and honestly I just don't need that. And he doesn't really need to know, I don't think.

Tigger is really the first animal we've had that had died. Even the cat that my parents got when I was like 10 years old is still alive! He's super old and a little (OK a lot!) crotchety, but he's still kicking. And honestly in my life I haven't had to deal with much death. No one close to me as ever died. My grandfather died a few years ago, but we weren't particularly close and the greatest sadness to me was that, to my knowledge, he didn't know Jesus as savior. I still hold out hope that in his last moments he recognized the truth, so I try not to worry about it too much. In the book "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn, he makes a pretty good case for animals being in it is comforting to know that Tigger is there, and if not then he's just dead, not suffering eternal separation from God in hell.

New subject now!

This past weekend D was being super bad while my husband was gone, and I kind of freaked out. I sent an email to everyone in the case that I needed D to start with a new therapist ASAP, and to give me the guy's phone number and I will call him every day until an appointment gets made! I also told them that in my moments of deepest despair I consider disrupting the placement.

Well what do you know, all of a sudden EVERYONE wants to be so helpful in finding him a therapist! Which, if you remember, was court ordered back in JUNE. The SC gave me a company to call, I called them and got the appointment made, then let everybody know about it. Then the GAL emailed back and said "I don't like that company, they don't have experience with kids! I am trying to find a different therapist." So I went to their website, found the therapist that was assigned to D, and it said she had 20 years of working with kids, anger issues, domestic violence, etc. etc. So I emailed everyone and basically said "Look, these are her qualifications, I think she sounds great, but if you want him to go to someone else then you need to figure it out and also call and cancel the appointment that I just made". Then everyone agreed that the one therapist would be OK.

So then, D's old therapist got the notification that D wouldn't be working with him anymore. So old therapist called me and was all "Why are you getting a new therapist?" and I was all "Um, because his behavior is getting worse? And you never tell us what is going on?" And he was all "Oh, I didn't know you want to be involved, because most foster parents don't!" And I was all "Well, you never asked me if I did or didn't, and of course I want to be involved, this child is living in my home and we are having issues!" Anyway he made it seem like it was all my fault that he has been unresponsive and blamed the lack of communication on me. So that was nice, but I told him if he has any issues he needs to call the SC because this was a decision the team made.

Then D ragged on me this morning about making him go to therapy, because his mom would "never make me do that!" I know, I know, I'm a terrible human being. Try to explain to the kid that he goes because of his behavior, so if he doesn't want to go then change his's like talking to a wall!

D has been sick for a few days, he has had a fever as high as 102.3 but not really any other symptoms. Yesterday I asked him how much he had had to drink...he'd had one pint of milk, and two trips to the water fountain. All day. That was it as far as liquids. So I told him he needed to drink a 32 ounce gatorade before bed time...and he did...and then he drank a full glass of water, about another 16 ounces or so. Then, magically, this morning his fever was gone! I'm not saying it was some miracle or something but I do think he just doesn't drink enough. That can probably be said for most of us, though. :)

We've all been a bit under the weather, I keep having days where I feel fine and then the next day I wake up with a sore throat and/or headache and general tiredness and sometimes congestion. Y had a low grade fever the other day, C has had a runny nose for a day or two...we are all just kind of falling apart! I think it's just colds all around, but it's still no fun!

That's pretty much all I have for today. :)


  1. I'm glad to know that you didn't tell D who hit Tigger. That is something he could and probably would use against you at some point... and you just don't need that. I think there will be animals in heaven too - but I don't know if Spike will make it there because he has ALWAYS been grouchy. :) No, I'm just kidding, I'm sure he'll be there - and I bet he won't be grouchy anymore. :)
    Love you B!


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