I went to bio mom's house yesterday to pick up D to take him to football practice. The windows were open, and as I walked up to the house I could hear screaming (one of the little boys, not bio mom thank goodness!). Once I got inside I could see that it was Y screaming, because C was on a bike and Y wanted to ride it. Y turned to me and held his arms up to be was just sitting on the floor kind of being oblivious. I picked him up, and said "I'm sure you'll get to have a turn when C is done!", held him for a few seconds, and Y stopped crying. And then I put him down.

This was during a visit that was not supervised, and surprisingly there were no family members there. I felt kind of weird doing what I did but I couldn't just ignore him when he was holding his arms up to me wanting to be held! He almost always wants to be held after being told "no"...I think it's just his way of confirming that he is still loved even though he might be acting kind of naughty, and it probably helps him work through his little feelings.

Anyway. Awkward. That's just how I would have done it if that would have happened at my house, so I guess that's good.

Several bio family members came to D's first football game on Sunday. We all went to it, and my parents came too. I was kind of nervous about having the little boys there just because it is kind of awkward, but it went pretty well. We took them to a park while D's team was warming up for an hour before the game started, and I think that helped wear them out so they could sit still a little bit better for the game. D's team won which was nice! The kind of crappy thing is that 5 out of 8 of his games are an hour or more you figure an hour to drive there, an hour to warm up, an hour and a half for the game, and another hour to drive home - total of 4.5 hours minimum for each game. Even the "home" games are 30 minutes away from our house, so those would still be 3.5 hours. So his football games are pretty much going to monopolize our Sunday afternoons/evenings for the next 2 months or so. That kind of stinks. :(

My husband and I went on a tour of a local, organic farm on Saturday. We only got to go to one of the five farms on the tour, and it was pretty darn cool. It was so interesting to learn about the equipment and everything they use, and their ideas and methods for organic growing. They only farm on about 5 or 6 of their acres. They also raise pigs and chickens and next year I think they are going to get some sheep too. There is a balance of using crop rotation, and rotating animals, to preserve nutrients in the soil and create the best environment for things to grow. Anyway I was so glad we went. I wish we could have gone to some of the other farms on the tour but there just wasn't enough time. Someday I hope we can live on enough land that we can at least have some chickens and a honey bee hive or two, plus of course a garden.

Sounds like D's overnight visits will for sure be on Friday nights so that is exciting!

Oh and also I ordered a bunch of bike gear and a wetsuit for my tri which is this Sunday! My bike gear arrived today and I felt like a kid in a candy store when I opened the box. :) My wetsuit is supposed to come Thursday or Friday...if it doesn't come one of those days, I am going to be in a pretty tough spot! The water at the lake is like 65 degrees right now which is a little chilly, especially since I will be in the water so long (I estimate 40 minutes). Anyway, I'll just have to hope for the best!


  1. I hope you have a great tri on Sunday-I'm rooting for you!


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