Foster Parents - I need ideas!

Alright, the idea that these kids are going home is starting to sink in. Anything could still happen, I know.

Basically, I kind of feel like I need to start gathering photos and memories from the time the boys have been here and put it into some kind of book. I'm thinking of making them each their own book, and since my scrap-booking skills are non-existent I am thinking of just doing something online where I could get the book printed. I am going

Has anybody done this before for their foster kids that went home? Do you put a few pictures of yourself in it or just of them? Your full names? Leave them with contact information for you so they can contact you someday if they want to? Any suggestions of websites to use? Other ideas/suggestions? I don't mind spending a little money on these, and I want them to be nice and long-lasting.

I think one of the things that breaks my heart is that someday Y especially might not even remember us at all. If their mom chooses to not have further contact with us, then we are just out of their lives. I want them all to know how much we loved them and to remember all the fun things we did together.

Obviously I am not going to purchase anything until we know for sure that they are going home...or at least until they start transitioning home a little bit more.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!


  1. i use all the time and love it. i would only add one or two pictures of us in the book...but that's just me.

    i didn't put contact info in it, it just has "We love you!" Hubby, Me & Our Son's first names.

  2. I had foster parents over 31 years ago - John and Maggie, no idea the last name or how I would find them. I have thought about them over the years and how much they meant to me during those early days. I wish I could let them know that I turned out alright and how much their kindness made a difference in my life. I don't know if you want to give the info in the book or at all...someday they may wish they could give you a big hug. Until then I will...XOXO!

  3. I try to do Snapfish photobooks for all of my kids. It really just depends on the relationship that I have with their parents as to what all I include. With Booger Bear, I put everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING that I had... I had (and still do have) a great relationship with his dad and stepmom so I had no hesitation doing that. With Little Miss and Itty Bitty, I didn't have time to put together a book, so I sent all of the photos that I had of them along with my first name and email address. They were with me for a short time, so I hadn't really established a relationship with their dad. With Monkey (my current placement), I print monthly photos of him for his parents, and have done a couple of photobooks with his milestones. So far, no identifying information, but that might change as his case develops. I just judge how much information I send by my relationship with the family. I do think I will always include my first name and email address though.

  4. Walgreens has some small little photo books for a reasonable amount. Plus, if you watch their ads, sometimes you can find coupons to save a little. Good luck with everything. I enjoy reading about your experiences! You've done amazing things with these kiddos.

  5. As I was reading your previous post about court (sometimes I get behind and catch up all at once!), I was thinking how much the 18 months+ that these boys have lived with you will make a difference in their development, their thinking, their capacity for emotion...their character. I believe that we're such spiritual beings that even if Y doesn't remember you in his mind, he will remember you in his heart! The comment above from Sunday is encouraging! I'm praying for you guys as you face the upcoming months... Lets go for a run-chat soon (easy for me to say since I didn't just do a triathlon on Sunday!! ;)

  6. Depends on the relationship with the bio-parents. For us, we've been on both sides sort of. I've sent along just a picture of my husband and I with the kid. We sent pictures of him to his extended family each week so I didn't feel the need to send more. I did send a small book of pictures with one girl becuase she was moved to a separate home than her half-sister. I wanted pictures of the two of them together. I think I included one picture of all 4 of us. It was just a small cheap photo book with sleeves.

    When our adoptive daughter came to us, her former foster family sent 6 DVDs, a shutterfly book, a blank scrapbook with stamps and letters so I could make my own scrapbook. I thought that was a nice touch, but I am also not into scrapbooking. I attempted it though. I kept the letters with their email addresses and names but we plan on staying in contact with that family. If we weren't, I would probably still keep them just in case our daughter wants to get in contact with them.

    The bio-parents may not want to remember that their kids were in foster care. They may lose the book on accident or purpose. You could always create a book on shutterfly but not order it until they say they want it.

    At a minimum providing a non-identifying email address should be OK.


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