Natural consequences

D decided that this weekend when he was staying overnight at his mom's house, he would take his football gear over there and wash it. He came back last night, and shortly after arriving he said "Oh no! I left my football pants at my mom's!" Now in case you know as little about football as I do, let me tell you - the pants are important. They have all these special little pockets that hold individual pads, so it's not like you can just wear different pants.

Well it was not that big of a deal, because his mom was planning to come to the game so she said she would just bring the pants.

Today she texted me and said she might not have a ride to the game. She cannot drive, but I am not really sure why. I know for sure even if she could drive she doesn't have a car anyway. So, she wanted to know if we could come to her house and get the pants.

We have been learning about not bailing your kids out when they do things like forget their backpack or homework or whatever, and we both kind of feel that this falls into that category. So...we told D we would not get his pants for him. He took them over there for no apparent reason, and he needs to figure out a way to get them back. I kind of feel bad about it but I hope this will be a lesson to him and this will never happen again. But at least once he left his football cleats there and wasn't able to get them before practice so maybe it will take a few more times before he learns. :)

Y is doing SO good with potty training. I am thinking of moving him into underwear!!! (!!!!!!) I just don't know yet. I might wait another week...but he really is doing so great. So much easier than C was, and thank goodness for that!


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