Toddler Tidbits

The other day I grabbed a handful of peanuts and went into the living room to munch them. I saw Y making a beeline for me. I like to call him "little vulture" because he likes to try to steal whatever food you have. I tossed them quickly all into my mouth because I didn't want to share.

Y: Can I hab sum?
Me: (with mouth full of peanuts) Oh, they're all gone!
Y: ...Can I hab sum out your mouth?

Grossness! But honestly I did open my mouth to see what he would do but he didn't try to get any. :o)

I was trying to explain that the main character on Cars is Lightning McQueen, not "Lie queen!" which is what C says.

Me: Say "lightning"
C: Lightning!
Me: "MaaacQueen"
C: Queen!
Me: No, MaaacQueen.
C: (tearing up) No don't say it like that! That's not how you say it!

He also got really upset that his shirt said "Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen"...he wanted it to say Lie Queen only! :)

And my most favorite one: I took Y to the potty this morning right after he woke up. I suspected he had just peed in his diaper, but we went to the potty just in case.

After sitting on the potty for a few minutes he pointed to his penis in frustration and said, "Not working!"


  1. LOVE the last one!
    It is all too common for Levi to tell me "I go'ed 'nuff" When I ask him to use the potty. Which, I can only surmise, means "I already went enough last time, and I don't have to go again yet". That's going to be my guess anyhow.


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