Follow the Leader

Sunday afternoon D had a football game, but when he and my husband left for it the little boys were still asleep. It turned out for the best, really, because the previous game went into overtime so they were at the football field for 3 hours, plus the 1/2 hour each way driving there. Bio mom did end up coming, and brought D's football pants for him so that crisis was averted.

The boy's mom called me and asked if C and Y were going to be there and I told her no. I could tell she was bummed. I kind of have mixed feelings...I mean I want to support D, but asking the little boys to sit there for that length of time is not really reasonable, I don't think! And there is a park at the field that they could go play at, but she always just wants to sit there with them and feed them candy and chips.

So anyway, when they both woke up I took them to the park a few blocks from our house. Oh man, I love taking the kids to the park. They are daredevils and always like to try to climb on things that I feel are outside the realm of their abilities, but I just stand underneath them and am there to catch them if (and sometimes when!) they fall. But it is such a joy to watch them do something they've never done before, or do something that they used to be afraid of.

When they got bored with all of the park things I had this brilliant idea to play follow the leader. There is a big open field next to the park. It's actually a baseball field I think. Anyway, so we ran to the end of the field, hopped like a frog, jumped like a bunny, flapped our arms like a chicken, did summersaults (is that even how you spell it?). Oh man, I'm getting old. But they had a lot of fun! Then C said he wanted to be the leader, so I got behind him. And he said "No, I want to get behind YOU." Ha ha ha. :) They enjoyed just running, running, running.

Then we looked around for cool things...they found some rocks, and I found a fluffy feather and some flowers. Then C put all the things we found into a tire that was lying there, and he pretended to build a fire. Then he got mad at Y for getting to close to the fire because it's hot!

It was a pretty fun time. I love this weather, love this time of year, and I love these boys! :)

Oh and a side note - D left his notebook with his homework in it at his mom's yesterday, so he doesn't have it for school today...and he didn't do his chores last night for some reason, which means that when the recycling pick up people came today the recycling wasn't out at the curb, so we have a very full recycling bin that won't be emptied for another week. So we get to practice our Love and Logic stuff again tonight. I am going to master this eventually! I am having a terrible time with the whole "empathy" aspect. I need to work on it!


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