Just goes to show you

That sometimes we make mountains out of molehills. Y woke up a little earlier than usual today, but it wasn't too bad. Could've been worse for sure! But honestly I had also turned the baby monitor way down, so he might've been awake for a while before I heard him. At any rate, it gave me an opportunity to let him have a try at spoon feeding himself. He wasn't real interested in actually putting it into his mouth, but it did end up all over his tummy, hands and tray! I took over towards the end because we had to get on the road. I gave him a good 30 minutes to try it himself. I think he actually got about 3 spoonfuls during that time. We'll try again though.

Not sure if/how I should approach this whole sleeping thing with his mom. This is the second time she has put the boys to sleep (that I know of) during their visit. Two times out of about 3 months isn't too bad at all. But it just seems strange. It would be one thing if I asked her to, or like if she had a visit during their normal nap time (for example if she had an all-day visit on Saturday or something). I feel weird saying anything about it. Maybe I shouldn't, though. I don't want to take away her ability to do for them what she thinks is best, even though it may be different than what I would do or what I would think is best. But then there's the whole thing of is she really doing it because she thinks it's best or is it because it is more convenient for her to have one less child to keep an eye on during visits? I don't know. I probably won't say anything unless it becomes a habit.


  1. I think you have a good plan. If it becomes a habit then you should probably let the CW know - because I'm guessing the home visits are NOT intended for the babies to sleep.


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