Not Me Monday

Here are just a few of the things I did NOT do this week.

I certainly did not take the little boys out on a run with me and get caught in the rain a mile from home. How irresponsible would THAT be? I mean, sheesh, check the weather lady!

I did not attempt to run 5 miles with the boys in the stroller. After all, the longest I've run since June has been less than three miles. Who am I to think that I could run 5 miles to begin with, much less pushing a stroller with nearly 50 pounds of children in it?? I mean, even with stopping to play at a park for a while doesn't take away the fact that it is still five miles!

I did NOT jump out and scare the 14th month old, causing him to scream and fall down on his bottom and start crying. And I certainly did not laugh at all right before I picked him up and comforted him. That would definitely make me a terrible human being...right?

I can't think of anything else right now though I'm sure there is more. I really want to eat cake. The End.


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