Garage Sale!

Well since I can't post pics of the boys (sadly, because I have some pretty cute ones!) I figured at least I could post pics of their toys! I hit up several garage sales today, all within about 1/2 mile radius of each other which in and of itself was awesome. Also, I don't haggle with garage sale people on prices unless I think it's really super over-priced. The way I see it, I'm paying way less for the item than they paid for it new - I'm already saving a TON of money, so saving 50 more cents or a couple of bucks isn't a huge deal to me.

So with no further ado -

A bead toy (thing?) for $1, and a xylophone dog which was I think a dollar or two.

A toy where the balls go in the top, go through the thing and do some fun stuff and then come out the bottom. Bonus that you have to hit the balls with the hammer to make them go through! I think this cost $3.

My "big ticket" items. A very life-like grill with burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and condiments. The grill also has "coals" that light up and it makes a sizzling noise too. Paid $10 for this. The boys pretty much love it (read: fight over it all the time). Also, bonus that the mustard fits into the above hammer ball toy. Okay maybe that's not a bonus, because it gets stuck and clogs it. :) Then I also bought two of the white chairs (only one is shown). They are really nice and sturdy, made of wood. Bought them for $10 each which again is kinda pricey but the boys love chairs (why? I have no idea) and they are big enough that they will last for several years. I bet kids up to ages 5 or 6 could sit in them comfortably. Maybe even older than that!

And last but not least, a ride-on dump truck which also makes dump truck noises, as well as a kind of crappy (but functional! as in, it makes noises and can be pushed; not as in it cuts grass. Because it doesn't.) lawn mower.

All in all I think I spent $37 or thereabouts. Not bad at all, I don't think! I <3 garage sales.


  1. You got some very cool stuff and at a great bargain :) Way to go Brynnie!

  2. I agree about the haggling thing--you must get that from me because your mom would try to negotiate 10 cents. Not worth it to me.


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