Not Me Monday!

Here are some of the things I definitely did not do this week.

I did NOT have a problem with a strange odor coming from my refrigerator. After all, I would never leave food in there long enough to go bad or knock something over and cause it to spill. I am far too frugal and organized for that. Also, I did NOT have company at my house while the strange odor was occurring. The company I did NOT have most certainly did NOT enter the fridge at my encouragement. Also, it did NOT take 3 days for me to find the time to find the odor and remove it. And of course I did actually find it...I mean, how hard could it be? I certainly did not throw away a few bad vegetables and wipe down the shelves, hoping that would solve the problem.

There was NOT a used baby bottle in the bathroom for 3 days before I finally got it and took it to the kitchen. How gross would THAT be?? Besides, I use the bathroom many times throughout the course of the day - how hard would it be to simply grab it and bring it to the kitchen? Sheesh!

I certainly did not leave the little boys in their pajamas all day long one day this week. It's important for children to have a routine and to know what to expect - we dress them in their real clothes every single day!

I most certainly did not attempt to knit while the baby was napping and C was watching Dora on TV. What kind of a person would do something like that? I only knit while both children are asleep. Also I never let the 2 year old watch TV of course.

There were so many more things but sadly I cannot think of them right now. :)

ETA: Thought of one more.

My husband and I did NOT have this conversation this week:

Me: "I don't think that people much shorter than me would be able to shut the trunk on the van. I have to stand on my tip-toes to reach it!"
Husband: "I don't think there are many people shorter than you that are of legal age to drive."



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