Got a call today that the little boys are going to start having visits with their bio dad, whom they have not seen since March. The first visit is this Thursday. I'm a little worried about C and his behaviors getting worse as a result of this. But of course, as per usual we just kind of have to deal with it and try to help him work through it as best we can. And who knows, maybe he won't even remember his dad so it will be no big deal. How long can kids that little remember people?

Also I was thinking today that if it turns out that this baby girl is his daughter, then is he going to have visits with all three of them at the same time? And if so...wow! Going from not parenting any children at all for six months to suddenly parenting three children under the age of three...Yikes! I would probably be terrified.

*side note: Is it bad that I am thinking "well, if the little boys have a few more hours of visits during the week then I get more 'free time'"?

Also, the boys' visit got canceled today...because their mom was having contractions and went to the hospital! They got them stopped and sent her home but I am really hoping this baby stays in the womb for a few more weeks. Not sure if we are getting her or not yet so I am not prepared at all. I think I can acquire a few things on a moment's notice though, and if she is born this early then she might have a long hospital stay anyway so that will buy us a little time at least too. Eeck!

Speaking of the baby, the caseworker was supposed to call me today to discuss her. Did she? NO! I have left so many messages for her. I can't even remember the last time I actually talked to her. We are set up as the contact for D's school and at first I felt bad about it, because it is really supposed to be the caseworker...but now I'm kind of like, oh well! At least I will pass the info on to her, who knows if she will pass it on to us! Flustrating. I'm sure she is super busy and everything but...yeah. I am going to stop talking about that now.

So back on D's school. He is flunking math. His most recent test he got a 36% on. That's right, 36% correct. So needless to say I am now reviewing his homework every night, and will be talking with his teacher at parent-teacher conferences (my first ones ever as the "parent"!) on Thursday to see if he can re-take any of his tests, and if there are any skills he needs to work on. I am totally prepared to devote an hour or more a day to this because math is so important. He is going to need to know this material next year and every year until he graduates from high school, and even probably in college! So he needs to learn it. He said the stuff he did really bad on was times tables...which makes me nervous because that is basic math stuff, I mean that is stuff from 3rd grade! But his mom said he always gets A's and B's in math...? No idea what the heck is going on, but I intend to find out!

My pink eye is really bad. It felt better today (not as in it felt OK, just as in it didn't hurt so incredibly bad today as it did yesterday). I'm thinking that if it is not noticeably better by tomorrow I will go to the doctor. If I got it last Thursday and it is supposed to last 7 days then it should be gone by tomorrow. Ugh!

I scheduled Y's 15-month check up appointment for next Tuesday. I'm excited to see his new weight and how he is doing in percentiles. :)

I think that is all. So goodnight! :)


  1. It is not selfish to anticipate some free time because the kids are away. I'd just look forward to it and enjoy the down time--you deserve. You know how important math fundamentals are to the progressive nature of the subject. I know kids hate it, but drill and practice really helps unless there is a learning disability somewhere. I didn't perceive any with D. Hope you can convince him to learn it.

  2. I second everything Dad said...and I love you!


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