Last night I dreamed...

...that the baby was born. Last night. And that when she was born she could also crawl and pull herself up while holding onto furniture and stuff. And she was very saucy and naughty. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Now both C & Y have pink eye. My main concern is just not getting everyone reinfected and have it going around our house for eons. We are going to the doctor this afternoon. From what I have read they can't do anything about it if it's viral, we just have to let it run it's course. But maybe it will be due to a bacteria in which case they can give us meds to help. I'm sure he will give us meds anyway...their doctor likes to give out meds from what I can tell.

I kind of wish visits could be placed on hold until everyone gets better. I'm sure that's selfish of me. :/


  1. My son had bacterial pink eye... and the doctor said that kind was not contagious. He got antibiotics and was cleared up in about 24 hours. I hope you got something to take care of the little guys! Have a super weekend!!!


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