The verdict!

So after talking to the therapist for a long time yesterday, she agreed with me that I should probably hold C while he is having tantrums. She explained that his language/communication skills aren't developed enough for him to be able to have a conversation with himself such as "OK I need to stop screaming so that I can go out of my bedroom and be with the family again". She said just to hold him and say things like "I'm sorry you're upset that I told you no" or whatever - not giving in to him but still trying to comfort him. She explained that it is NOT rewarding him for his behaviour. I can't really explain it the way she did but it made a lot of sense. She said we should try it, see how it goes, and if that doesn't work we can always try something else later. What we were doing previously did not seem to be working so I figure it really can't hurt to try this.

So far today has gone really well with only one serious tantrum, which also happened to be while I was trying to get Y out of the bathtub and get his diaper on and so I could not hold C. Typical! Otherwise every time he has started to freak out I have picked him up, he stops immediately, I hold him for a few minutes and then he gets back to playing or whatever. He has also been a little bit more affectionate, actually seeking out affection from me. I am trying to get him to use his words ("Be held!" for I want to be held). So far, so good! :)

My day started off terribly. Y is not circumcised and he had to go to the doctor last night because his mom wants him to be circumcised. His pediatrician thought that his urethra did not go all the way to the tip of his penis (there is a technical term for it but I don't know what it is!)...but apparently it does, so there is not anything wrong with him. However the Dr. that looked at him noticed some adhesion...which I didn't even know could be a problem. So anyway, he uhm, corrected the adhesion for lack of a better term, so poor little Y is pretty sore today.

So he woke up and basically was screaming bloody murder. Three times I actually got him out of his chair while I was feeding him so I had baby food all over my hair and on my clothes from him hanging onto my neck so tightly like he was hanging on for dear life, and then he'd get tired of being held so I'd put him back in his chair, rinse and repeat. Then I held him while I let my dogs outside, and he decided he wanted to go outside, so he threw hid body towards the outside...which just also happened to be towards the door jamb...and you got it, he smacked his head on the jamb. And then he started SCREAMING so loud and everyone else in the house was asleep. So I went back to his bedroom to get the Tylenol and a bottle because I thought maybe he was just over tired and needed to go back to bed. Then C wakes up, and I get him out of bed, and of course he likes to be held for a little while after he gets up but I really couldn't hold him (see above about screaming baby). So I put him down on the floor in the living room with the explanation that I needed to take care of Y for a few minutes and he immediately goes into tantrum mode and THREW himself on the floor backwards (normally he does it front wards and protects his head with his arms) and smacked his head on the floor pretty hard and started screaming. So THEN I took Y back to his bedroom to give him Tylenol and the bottle, and D comes out of his room and starts yelling at me because the babies are crying! And I was crying too, but of course I cry much quieter than the babies! Oh my goodness it was probably the worst morning I have ever had. Today I actually made twice as much coffee as usual because it was just that bad. Thankfully once I made it through the first few hours everything got better.

The End! :)


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